Saturday, March 31, 2007

Loving my Kids

Why is it that when you just spend time as a family, enjoying life, being with one another and really getting it...why is it that time just ZOOMS by? I wish that I could stop time for a minute or two, really sit and stare at my children more..I try everyday to spend special time with both Trinity and Tristan, and I feel proud in saying that I am a really good mother. Not a day or minute goes by that I don't feel that my children know they are loved and that they are the most important things in our lives. I wish that people would enjoy their children

more. I am shopping today and hear a woman ripping into her child, yelling at them, saying mean things in a horrible voice...a scary voice. I can't understand how a child can make someone so unresponsive to the fact that they are talking to someone who has only been on this earth for maybe...4 years, (not certain of the girls age, but she looked about 4). It saddens me to think how those children are feeling. It makes me want to hug and kiss my kids more.

I think people need to keep in mind that children are doing the best that they know alterior motives, no malicious agenda..they are just simply being kids. I want to yell it to the world "CHILDREN WILL BEHAVE AS WELL AS THEY ARE TREATED!!!" Just love them, and ultimately, THAT is what they will reflect. Teach them by being patient, kind, loving, caring, respectful and sensitive. Show them how the world works, warn them of things that make no sense...
I remember having to explain injustice and prejudice to Trinity...she was 2. We were on a trip to Hawaii, she was playing in the terminal and a lovely woman was talking with her, being so sweet. She was letting Trinity sit with her, showing her pictures..really interacting with her. Then Trinity wanted to nurse...I allowed her of course. The same woman now shunned my child, turned her head away in almost disgust..and when Trinity didn't get a response from her this time...she didn't understand. I had to explain to her that people fear what they don't understand, and she probably didn't understand about nursing, and how important it was to Trinity. So, we raise our children to understand that there is injustice..that there will be dissapointment, and that through it all...we love them, we are here for them, and they are always safe with us.

So, love your kids, they are the only ones that you have...PERIOD.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Today was an interesting day!!! For those who live in Arizona, you know how rain is all the talk when we actually have it..I am constantly mocking the news stations "RAIN TRACKER 2007...we had 1 inch of rain, STAY INSIDE!!!! " they are so overdramatic. Well, anyway..the rain we had on Friday of last week actually made it's mark on our house. We had a leak in the lower window downstairs, and today, they said that it was due to a crack by the bottom of the upstairs, this means that they are going to rip out a HUGE peice of my houses' stucco, in between the bottom of the upstairs window to the top of the downstairs window. They are talking like it is no big deal..but GEEZE...

Trinity was a little social butterfly with all the workers today..she is NOT shy in the least. I love her outgoing personality, people can't believe that she is only 3 1/2. Today we had a great went a bit like this:

Trinity: "Momma, you are amazing!"
ME: "Why thank you baby...why do say that?"
Trinity: "You can talk on the phone, use the computer, hold Tristan and write stuff down..ALL AT ONCE!"
ME: "You're pretty amazing too kiddo...I bet you could do those things at the same time too...don't you think so??"
Trinity: "Oh no mommy, I don't have that many hands...your bigger than me!"

It was just so cute..I felt very proud of my ability to MOMMY TASK!

Trinity, Tristan and I went for our daily bike ride...she found a nest of lady bugs, and BEGGED me to take a few home. So, we have 2 lady bugs that now reside in our home. Superman and Krypto, she so lovingly named them. We go hunting tomorrow for aphids to feed them. WISH ME LUCK!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

My first blog!!!

So, a friend of mine started this blog of hers, and I LOVE the idea, so, naturally...I had to do one too LOL! (Thanks Pam for sending your family updates!) I am hoping that this will help me to keep everyone posted more frequently than before...don't get me wrong, Snapfish is all good and dandy, but many people (as I am JUST now finding out) do not have an account, so, they have not been able to see the pictures!

Tristan is now 8 months old...can't believe all this time has already passed. He is so amazing, so gentle...I love when he explores my face when he is is my FAVORITE thing right now. He LOVES to nurse...We can't get passed how much he has grown! My dad jokingly said, "If you were a puppy, I would guess by the size of your feet that you are going to be a St. Bernard when you grow up!!!" He is sitting up, and does this cute low crawl, it has to be seen to truly appreciate it's quirkiness. At his last appointment (6 months) he weighed in at 25lbs, 29 inches long..I can only imagine that he is at least 32 inches long and maybe 2-3 lbs heavier...I am telling you, this kid is huge. He was the baby that wanted NOTHING to do with solids, and now, is addicted. He especially loves homeade food, which I am so happy to make. Some of his favorite things are Carrots, Potatoes, Pears, Peaches, YoBaby Yogurt, Bananas, Avocado, Green Beans, Peas, Bread...pretty much anything we give him LOL.

Trinity is still loving her role as big sister..and boy, is she good at it. She goes to him whenever he makes a peep (which is pretty much NEVER...) but, when he is the least bit upset, she is there to quiet the storm. She is so smart...I can't get passed how much she learns and how eager she is to learn it. We have school time at home from 10-1130 everyday. We work on numbers, letters, and currently, she is learning to spell simple words. She can write DAD, MOM, AL, OTIS, OPTIMUS, RODIMUS, BEN, CAT...she recognizes pretty much the entire alphabet! I love watching her figure things out..she loves to imagine, has the best imagination on any child that I have ever met.

Shannon and I are wonderful! We celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary this 13th of April...and on the 3rd, we will have been together for 13 years! I love that man, he is the most amazing father, and a wonderful husband...we are very lucky to have him in our lives.

I think this is about it for now..I will send more notes and snipits in time..hopefully you all have time to read them and peek at the pictures! Tata for now :)