Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An End in Sight??? - LONG BLOG

If what goes up must come down, what about the opposite? Will this downward spiral that we have been in start to see an uprise soon? I mean, I understand the powers that be in the universe, but, come on now....when is enough ENOUGH? We have had a horrible string of bad luck lately, and really, it is just compiling and compounding until finally, we have had it. I am a positive thinker, I am a unusually optimistic individual, but I have to tell you...lately, well, let me say, I have been searching for the rope LOL. First, our house gets flooded....YES, flooded in Arizona. On Thursday we go downstairs to shut out all the lights and lock the doors, Shannon hears this "raining" sound, opens the door to the office and lo and behold, water water everywhere. This is in the closet that holds some of our most beloved possessions. My wedding pictures, scrapbooks of the children from birth, paintings and drawings that Trinity has been making since she could draw. To top it off, we had TONS of other things in there, Shannon's comic book collections, the ones he has had since he was a boy...SOAKED. My cameras, our video camera, surround sound speakers, Portable DVD player, PSP, laptop, framed pictures, backup discs, scrapbooking supplies, boxes to Transformers, Train set, my Painted Pony Collections....oh my , there is more. The builder is assuming responsibility by having it treated for mold etc...but, they are not going to cover our personal items....EVEN THOUGH they found a pex plumbing pipe with a staple hole in it...now, tell me, does that sound fair?

So, we head out to a hotel on Friday since they have about 12 blowers running in our house and each one is about 115 degrees of hot air circulating in our house (up and down since the water damage went through the sub floor and also flooded our bedroom). Our carpet and pad is pulled back, baseboards ripped off...there is a huge gaping hole in our bedroom wall and the ceiling is pulled out from the closet. OY, this is not fun. The hotel was nice, but, we were dislocated...wanting to be in our own space. The kids were a bit of a mess, tired, cranky and not understanding all that was taking place...to be honest, Shannon and I were feeling the same way. I think, no, I know what made it all worse is the fact that I was being told that I have to claim this under MY insurance. The idea of putting in a claim, having my deductible raise, my record tarnished because of someone elses error...it just gets me. I am a woman of principal...and this is just not cool.

So, Monday comes around, Shannon gets up to go to work, he is driving out of the hotel parking lot when a "tink" noise is heard....his caliper from his rear brakes FALLS OFF...Thank God, that he was not on the freeway, I don't know how many times I replay that in my head. He stays back and begins the new task of finding someone to fix his brakes by the end of business...FUN.

I go to meet with our insurance agent, I decide to meet with my insurance agent and he gives us some great advice. This, was a good meeting. Then, something HORRIFIC happened. The day really took a turn for the worse, I get back to the hotel and Shannon took the doggies and Trinity out to play. I am waiting in the room for Tristan to wake up when I hear a familiar scream (Trinity crying hysterically) and Shannon screaming down the hall. I open the door to find all the dogs trailing Shan except Shyanne....she is slung over his shoulders like a rag doll, my heart sinks. He brings her in and I notice that she is not using her hind legs...Christ, what else?? They were playing ball and she fell, then couldn't get up. My baby, I love this dog so much. We take her to the Animal Hospital, and they run a series of tests and xrays. Good news, no buldging discs, or apparent fractures, the bad news...they would need to do more MRIs and such to determine what is causing the paralysis. We are not in a financial position with everything else to pay for this...but, we do. Also, the kicker...she has a mass on her breast that is looking like mammary cancer. Didn't want to hear that either. We are all a mess, we are finally home, the equipment still running, my house still unsuitable for children to be in, and, my pup, my old girl, unable to move her hind legs. We are going to try the non-invasive route and do therapy with her at home, but, I just don't see her being able to walk again like a normal dog. Luckily, she does not seem to be in any pain, just pissed about not having her running legs. So, maybe we will get her a little doggy wheelchair. I am just going to hug and kiss her for now, worry about what will happen when it comes to that.....I really can't think anymore about it.

This is what it feels like to be depressed....so overwhelmed and in a state of BLAH....I want so much for this to stop, for us to be able to just get past the problems and move on to the next step....I just want to have our builder do what is right...I want my house to be a safe one, one that I feel comfortable knowing that nothing is wrong, not constantly second guessing whethere or not there is another defect that I am unaware of. I want people to do business like a gentleman's handshake...just do what you know is right....So, I understand the eb and flo of the universe, but tell me, really, when will it go back up?