Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This purple gum DOES NOT taste good...

We went to the lovely dollar store today, Trinity HAD to have the box of Canel's AKA Chickles, so....I broke the bank and shelled out eh .99.99cents to get her some...on that subject, what the heck is up with raising the price of the .99c ONLY store??? ridiculous...anyway, I digress. I bought the gum. Fastforward to 10 minutes ago. She comes walking in the room with a disgusted look on her face and a spit on chewed up wad of purple gum in her hand exclaiming...

T - "The purple *gasp* does NOT taste good *spit*"
Me - "What does it taste like??"
T - *pushing it my way* "Taste it for yourself"

-STOP- if history teaches us ANYTHING it is to NEVER, ever eat anything else that someone says tastes or smells awful right??? But why oh why do we feel so compelled to do it anyway??? -START-
Me - *weary look on my face*
T - * a little more pushy now* "Come on, taste it...." (can you feel the pressure??)
Me - *putting it in my mouth*...
T - *waiting to see my expression* "DETERGENT" (and she walks away)

So, I am left here, with a spit on, chewed up, detergent tasting peice of purple gum in my mouth all because of my silly curiousity for how awful something tasted....and yes, it's still in my mouth.