Friday, May 30, 2008

Anyone need and Nused Car?

This is my car from College...Shannon bought it for me when I turned 21. I loved it, but, we have outgrown it. I bought Shannon a Magnum for our 7th Wedding Anniversary (that blog will follow soon...), and this little guy is feeling lonely. So, make my car happy, buy him! If you need more information, email me!

JACS nickname by Trinity, Vroom says a lot
BORN: 1997
COLOR : Honda Red with 2 coats of Violet Pearl and an off center racing stripe..yummy!
Miles: 120,800K
Upgraded Exhaust
Upgraded 17" Dark Slate Powder Coated Rims and Nitto Tires
Short Shifter
New Windshield
New Tires with transferrable Warranty
Power Window/Locks
New Clutch with Warranty
New Drive Shafts
New Brakes
Sway Bar
Cold Air Intake w/ K&N Filter
Upgraded Crystal Rear Lights


-2nd Gear slips, we took him in to get a physical and the doc said that he doesn't think it is his tranny, but the gear box needs replaced. This is about $400 if you have a good Gear Head friend that doesn't mind getting his hands dirty in the transmission.

-There is a small tear on the seam of the drivers seat...SUPER easy to fix, not sure why I haven't done that already...

-The tint is that a word?? Well, at either rate, we have a warrant on the tint and are in the works of getting it replaced.

-The cars paint has clear coat chips and occasional scratches...hey, hes 11 years old, give a guy a break!

COST: $4500 OBO

If you would like to "date" my car, please call me and we can arrange a "test drive". Love ya, MUAH!

Monday, May 19, 2008 we come!

Trinity has always been a quick you guys all know, or most of you anyway, she has been homeschooling since she was born lol....but really, she has this capacity to want to learn SO much. Everyday we have schooltime, and every subsequent day she has retained all the information from the previous days teachings. Children's minds really do amaze me. Anyway, back on track. I learned of Festival Foothills, a school about 15 miles North of us that was opening last year. We toured the facility and decided that whenever the time came, when Trinity no longer wished to be homeschooled, we would enroll her. This year, around Feb., Trinity asked me when she would be going to "real school".

I contacted the Principal at Foothills and asked if she would meet with us to discuss the possibility of early enrollment (she won't be 5 until October). We were invited to the "Kindergarten Roundup" on the 14th of May. I have to say, I was a bit apprehensive, since really, the kids have never been apart from us. She went in the room, picked out her name tag from a stack of others children's names, picked a red colored square on the floor, looked at me and said "Bye mama!" Well, bye bye apprehension. She stayed in the library with the teacher and children for about 3 hours...she had a BLAST. They tested her on numbers, letter recognition, gross motor abilities, eye / hearing exam, etc., etc. They gave us a list of things that they would like all the kids to know by the beginning of the schoolyear, or at least somewhat familiar with...she knows all but one thing, how to tie her shoes.
The Principal sat down with me and said that based on her tests, her emotional stability/maturity, and her open desire to learn, she would be able to enroll for this school year! Can you believe that? Trinity is going to be a Kindergartener this year. It is still kinda surreal to me...she is growing up so fast. We want to engage her, to keep her stimulated, happy, thriving and well...ALIVE inside. I feel like this step is going to help with that.
The school is really amazing. They have done great on testing, they are slated to house between 800-1200 students in 2 seperate buildings, but as of now, they only have K - 5, Trinity's class with have 10 students. 10 students to one teacher!!! That is a great ratio. There is a little private bathroom in the classroom, the children are busy all day with projects. They have a writing hour, reading, computer, Arts, Music, Playtime, much to do. There is an outdoor Ampitheater, which is sooo cool. I am really excited for her, I think she will have so much fun.

Fun with Nana....

They LOVE going to Nana and Papa's. I don't know if it's the wide open spaces, the grass, the dirt, the goats, the chickens all the fun things planned, the good food, the hugs, the swing....they love it all. This last trip we took to Nana and Papa's found us in the water well that the animals usually drink from. My dad had just scoured it, so, Trinity and Tristan decided it was time to jump in! I wish I had a pic of her in it, it was so cute...but this is what I captured. Good clean fun at Nana and Papa's house.

A new habit he "picked up" during vacation....

I will let the pictures do the talking!


Wow, that was fun. I will blog more about the trip later...but for now, enjoy some pics!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Off we go to Mexico!

I am SO excited for this trip...we really need a little getaway. I can't wait to hang out on the beach, sit on the sand, go the know I don't like large bodies of water! I am going to give it a valiant effort though, really, I will. Stay tuned for pics from the Beach.

Mmmm, burnt meat??? Wait, WHAT?

After getting ready to head into town (yes, I said "into town"), Trinity came over to me, took a long drawn breath through her nostrils and said very sweetly and adoringly
"MMM, Mama, you smell good. *me trying to break in with a thank you..but then this followed* like burnt meat."
HUH? How do I take that compliment? Thanks, I guess. Kids are hilarious, and apparently mine likes the smell of burnt meat.

Monday, May 12, 2008

We are on the right track!

Tristan has been receiving Occupational therapies for 3 months now...I can't believe that it has been that long...has it been that long??? And Speech for about 3 weeks. We hadn't noticed huge leaps in vocabulary, but, his gross motor skills have increased greatly. He still falls a lot, is super clumsy, but, again...he is a BIG BOY!!! And, well, his mama is quite the clutz.

Well, the reason for this blog is that I wanted to share with you all a great breakthrough that we have found. My mother took me to the Woman's expo last month, and we met a man that was selling supplemental products. Now, I don't divuldge to the general public that my son is autistic..for a few reasons, 1) None of their business 2) It should not weigh into how he is viewed or treated, so, why share it 3) He is perfect to us... So, anyway...this man is talking to other people about the supplements, and I hear the word "AUTISTIC BOY" and automatically perk up. Long story short, a Mother and Father of a 2 year old NON verbal, Severly Autistic boy came to this man in desperate search for help. They had tried just about everything from GFCF diets, DAN doctors, injections, name it...but to no avail. They started their son out on a series of supplements and within 3 weeks...YES, 3 weeks, they noticed a change. Their son started saying words, out of nowhere...then, one day, he say "Hi Daddy...." and kept growing on his vocab from there. By 5 years of age he was able to be integrated into Mainstream school and there was no trace of his once Autistic life.

I then told the man that my son was Autistic and he and his wife immediately wanted to help. Tristan is very very very sweet, social and loving..but, he does not talk. He has MAYBE a handful of words that he uses but only when prompted or modeled for him. He has NEVER said Mama, and I have to say, typing that, it breaks my heart. The system is by a company called BioGreen Systems. They are ALL natural, and jam packed with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that you need. Tristan is on a 4 step process and takes it in a shake twice a day. I have to tell tastes amazing.

Ok, on to the good stuff. PROGRESS. He has started talking...spontaneously! My dad walked into a room and he yells with passion "PAPA!!!!" We were giving him a bath and Trinity was blowing bubbles he screams "BUBBLES!!!" I was counting cards with Trinity, he walks up next to us and starts throwing cards down like we were saying "Two, Two, Two...." he was trying with all his might to get up on Trinity's bed and looks right at me and says "UP" He was playing with his favorite bear, and he says "BLUE BEAR" I showed him a card of a train and he says "Choo Choo..." I was nursing him, and for the FIRST time ever, he made eye contact with me...he was looking right at me, clear as day....then he smiled. I am crying writing this....we have made a major breakthrough, and it is all through fixing his diet and adding the right nutritional supplements he needs. He takes a cleanse pill 2 times a day to push out any heavy metals, toxins, pollutants and such from his body...and, for the first time in his life, he had a NORMAL bowel movement.

If you know someone who is Autistic, has an Autistic Child...PLEASE give them my information. I would love to talk with them about this product. I am going to start selling it, and any profits that I recieve will go to Autism Research. I believe STRONGLY in this product, and I hope that through this, we will see an end to Autism. Thanks for reading guys....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How do you want to be remembered?

I think about this alot...I know I shouldn't, I try as much as possible to live in the "now", but, in doing so, I remember that all the things I do and the choices I make in the "now" will directly affect the "soon to come". SO, I think about how I want to be remembered....not by everyone, mainly, my children. I want them to think of me and think that I was a wonderful mother. I want them to recall times when I played and laughed with them instead of saying "Not now, I am doing something..maybe in a minute". I want them to remember that I was a great wife. Shannon and I think it is VERY important that our children see how much we love one another, we kiss, hold hands, play and laugh a lot in front of them. Trinity is often heard in the background "Ahhh, that is so sweet mama." She loves it when we kiss....hopefull romantic like here mama I suppose.
So, how will you like to be remembered? Think about this when you are with your children today...hug them a lot, kiss them a lot, tell them how much you need them and adore them....and they will remember only that...that they loved you and you loved them.
Oh, and yes, I am a sap.

Yell if you want to....

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