Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blue is my new favorite word

Today was a L O N G Day. It started out with Tristan's checkup with his Developmental Ped...they moved offices to 40th STREET and Bell, and if you know where we live, OY! His appointment was at 930, so we had to scoot out by 8. It went GREAT. His Non-Verbal Test score was a 97 on a scale to 100, he mentioned that little t has the highest score of any other child under his care. He said that this is a great sign, that his comprehension is awesome and that by the time he is 5-7 years old, he may have grown completely out of his disability. I was ESTATIC when he told me this. His Verbal Test score was low, he is at a 63, and the doctor told me that we should start looking at other means of communication as a back up to verbal speech. If you remember a while back, his Speech Therapist mentioned that he may be Appraxic, and Dr. Jordan was in agreeance. So, one day at a time.

Now, onto why Blue is my new favorite word. We got home and I asked t if he was hungry, he looked at me and wandered into the kitchen, he then proceeds to climb into his high chair! He understood me! I was so excited, but had no idea what was to happen next. I handed him some berries, strawberries and blackberries and a few blueberries. He ate them all up, then looked to me and said "BLUE?" I asked him to repeat that...I said "What did you say bubbub?" strictly thinking it was a rhetorical question...and to my disbelief he says, "BLUE???" He was communicating with me the best way he knew how and he wanted more blueberries!!!! I can't tell you how exciting this is for us. Hopefully we will hear more from our little man, but for now, blue is good for me.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Check me out....my other blog

So, after much deliberation, I have decided to start another blog entirely dedicated to just Me. I know, how obsessive right LOL..I just wanted to keep this blog free of anything NOT related to the Hydeman Family Journey...so, if you do feel so compelled, please check me out!


Oh, and don't stop reading here, all the kiddos and family updates will continue!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Holy Fun Wednesday Batman....Pic HEAVY!

Remember this feeling???

How about this one??

And who could forget this????

You wanna talk about some fun....A friend and I decided to take the kiddos to the Phoenix Children's Museum...I was SO hesitant to even leave the house since little t has been having some rough days lately, but, I finally just caved to the anxiety and loaded them up. We got there late because of horrifying traffic on the freeway, but, it was nice because little t could squeeze in a nice long nap on the road. T watched some tv while the little not so little t snoozed. I love looking back and seeing him relaxed and seeing a smile on her face. They really do so good on the road...if gas wasn't so high, I would probably just drive around all day LOL. So, on to the fun stuff. This place is awesome from concept to delivery...

First off...it is housed in the old Monroe School. That in of itself is exciting to me. Second, it is only $9 a person to get in...that is even better. 3rd, it appeals to all ages. There was so much sensory information for both of my kids, neither was bored...nor were the big kids *ehem, I mean moms* it was great. There are 3 levels of different activities. My favorite by far was the Art Room. It is like a Montessori session for 3 fabulous hours (0bviously you don't have to stay that long, we didn't, but, it is on for that long which is awesome!) There were 4 different stations, a crown making craft, a magical wand making station, an area to paint, and a decopague area. It was awesome and T ate it up (no, not literally)

The first thing you see when you walk in is a "gym" of sorts. Tunnels and tents, squishy soft ground underfeet, colorful puffy bean bags, kaleidiscope hula hoops, oragami cranes suspended from the ceiling, an entire wall covered in hanging repurposed DVD's (hence the squinty look on Tristan's face...he was in AWE of the shiny discs)...it was so cool.

There are reading areas spread throughout, an eatery on the 2nd floor (they offer REALLY wholesome foods, nothing processed and they use biodegradable utensils!!!) The kids LOVED their snacks!

The emphasis is on responsible learning, teaching children about recycling, reusing, and living green...it is a quiet undertone throughout the entire museum. All of the crafts are repurposed materials, from the napkin rolls, to the feathers and post it notes. I love this place. I am getting a year pass. For those interested in finding out more, check it out ">HERE

Here are some more priceless pictures of Trinity and some with her friend Tatum....it was a great day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kardashian Konfusion....

Ok, who are these Kardashian'? Am I completely out of the loop of all things gossip to not seem to know who in the world these ladies are???

Monday, July 21, 2008

Food Backwards

I love unique and excellently educational children's tv programs. I want to share this one with you if you are not already aware. Doof (FOOD backwards) is a new pbs kids show that is premiering in 2009. Its a mix of intro to healthy food habits, learning (think 3,2,1 CONTACT mixed with your favorite cooking show...but add kids and fun music too!) Anything that can coherse my daughter to eat more veggies is good for me. So, check it out!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trinity...you are growing up so fast.

I want to stop time. Just stop it dead in its tracks. I remember when my little boo boo was 2 and she would crawl up next to me and cuddle, just to be close. I remember when she would wrap her little baby fingers around mine and squeeze them the best she knew how. I miss the time when she would gaze into my eyes, hers a lit afire with silent question...I knew the moment I met her that I would be constantly challenged and amazed. She truly does amaze me. I wish that I had a better memory. It pains me to think that there is a moment in her precious life that I may have forgotten. I well up with tears thinking that I may have said or done something in a day to upset her, to make her feel lonely, or sad. Children are so easily affected. Good and bad. I want her to only have good memories of our time together. I want her to always think of me in good light. I want for her to say, "my mother never yelled, she was always so patient, and calm with us." How do we let them grow up??? She is going to be starting Kindergarten this year, and as the weeks approach, I can't help but become emotional. The thought of someone else "raising" my child, affecting her...without my guidance, it is stiffeling.

I pray that she will continue to have her sense of self, that she will stand strong to her convictions and stand up for her beliefs respectfully.
I hope that she will enjoy her journey and love the experience.
I wish that she will make friends, and include everyone when playing.
I hope that she is included.
I fear that she may have her feelings hurt, that she may be shunned, that someone will say something mean, that she will fall and get hurt and no one will be there.
I need to know that she will eat her lunch....Lord, please let her eat her lunch.

So, I have a lot of mixed up feelings about her starting. I know that she will enjoy it so much, that she will soak up all the info, that she will have so much fun challenging herself. BUT, I still fear that she may miss us and be sad. I am scared of her feeling afraid. She has been with me since she was born, and all of us have come accustomed to her being around. I think I may go a little insane with the quietness around here. My little girl is growing up....so fast.

Cow vs. Lobster

So, as I usually do when I am hungry, I was watching a cooking show. Now, normally this is not big deal right? Wrong. They had Lobster on the menu. Please tell me there is a more humane way to cook a lobster than to boil it alive. Really, please tell me that is not the only way to boil a freaking lobster? How horrible if it is. Can you imagine the uproar in the animal rights community if we butchered a cow while it was still standing? I know I am being melodramatic, but, a life is a life right? I eat meat, don't get me wrong...I am not going to throw red paint on you for wearing fur (though I will say, that is absolutely disgusting and you really should not support skinning animals for their fur)...but, this was just something that I couldn't seem to shake after this cooking show. Anyone? A different way to boil a lobster????

Friday, July 18, 2008

A simpler time?

Many are saying that our current state of economy is mirroring that of the 70's....housing markets were plumeting, we were amidst a war with no end, jobs were paying only enough to pay taxes....but I look at these pictures and think, is it really similiar? We did face some of the same "problems" but, as a United States, it seemed that we were joined on a deeper level. Abandoning material items, and coming together under a common entity..PEACE. I am a hippie at heart, and is it wrong that I wish for this?

Gave me a little giggle....

Monday, July 14, 2008

DMG Update!!!!

It works. It truly does. In the time that we have had Tristan taking DMG we have seen GREAT improvements. He is making wonderful eye contact, he is responding to his name. The stimming has all but dissapeared...the cart stimming remains, but, we are working on that. Yesterday, while in a public restroom, Trinity was talking to him like she normally does..usually she answers for him. So, basically, it is a one sided convo with Trinity asking and answering the questions in different voices, a much higher pitched voice for Tristan..it's pretty cute. Well, on this day, she didn't need to answer for him. She says, "Hi Tristan." he responds "Hi Sissy" (in Tristan speak, but we understood it). I about shit right there....it was amazing. She heard it too, and she was so excited. She hugged and kissed him and told him how good he was.

Today, was a HUGE breakthrough. I was in the potty (it seems I am in there a lot huh???) Anyway, I was in there, AGAIN, and he was in the loft. I heard him walking down the hall and in a questioning voice, "Ahhh?" "AAAAHHH?" AAAAAHHHH?" then he gets to the bathroom, looks in at me and says "Ah, baba" he was calling out to me!!!!! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER has he done anything remotely close to this. I am so giddy...I can't tell you how exciting this is. He is laughing more, smiling more, listening. This morning, we went downstairs to get breakfast, and while I was mixing the eggs, rather than digging through the cabinets, climbing the table and running off...he goes over to his high chair and proceeds to try and get in it. You guys....I feel like this is the beginning of something amazing. Pray that we are on the right track! I will keep you updated.


Trinity has this funny way of pronouncing things, I find it endearing and sweet that she screws up the simplest of words. Dex. It sounds simple enough, guess what it is? DESK. It is the cutest thing "Mama, where's duh paper? Oh, on Daddy's dex. Thanks mama..." Now, according to my mom, I had a speech impediment too, so, I guess it's only natural that I pass this on to her? Either way, I think it's cute.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

That was FUN

We had a great party yesterday. Tristan turns 2 on the 15th, and we had a little get together this Saturday. HE LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba, a show on Nick Jr. so we did a Gabba party for him. Shannon drew and cut out the figures from the show, we hung streamers in the character colors and "intended" on having the cupcakes all decked out like the characters, but, in doing so, I would need to use artificial colors and candy galore, and that is a NO GO in this house, so, we had plain old chocolate gluten free cupcakes. The kids didn't seem to mind. Mostly close friends and family attended. It was a nice surprise that my good friends from High School, Linda, Stella, David and their boys could make it. It was SO nice seeing you guys. Here are a few pictures from the event, thank you so much to everyone that made it, it was so fun, and Tristan really appreciates all the wonderful gifts.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


We are trying a few new supplements for little t, and I just wanted to jot down that we started today. Tristan is taking B-12 along with DMG. We have heard AMAZING things from both of these very safe and naturally occuring vitamins. Read a little about it here, and check back to see the progress!

For more interesting facts on the MANY health benefits of DMG, click here...you will be amazed at how much it can help in so many levels.

Monday, July 7, 2008

I LOVE fireworks

This year we took the kids to see the fireworks on the 3rd, which I am glad we did since our fireworks show was cancelled at Verrado due to high winds and rain. I LOVE fireworks, always have. I remember when we were little and they would shoot them off at close proximity, they were SO loud. When I was about 4 years old we went to the base to view the show and I remember a shard of the explosive falling in a ball of fire onto the ground and on our blanket...it burned a hole straight through! I am glad that they are safer now LOL. I hope you all had an awesome 4th...here are some pics of the beautiful show we saw! Tristan crashed out on our way there, but the rest of us had an amazing time!

Miss Trinity was in a Pie Eating Contest...SO MUCH FUN!