Friday, November 26, 2010

Officially taking the plunge

I have gone back and forth with the idea of becoming Vegetarian. I have NEVER liked the idea of eating an animal, it disgusts me really. But, my body has craved meat and I have provided it. But, now, I am ready to finally take the plunge and devote myself to being vegetarian. It's so much healthier to eat a meat free diet, especially this day in age where our meats come from unreliable sources, riddled with hormones, pesticides, vaccinations and God only knows what else. I can grow vegetables in my own yard, I can't grow a cow and eat it...let alone kill it. The hardest part in this all is going to be Tristan's diet. I am not forcing the rest of the family to become veggies too...they can decide to do that on their own if they wish...but, I will not be cooking red meat, and Shannon is ok with that. So, here we are, day 4 of my "journey into vegetarianism" wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Due Date, Schmoo Date

So, my due date has come and gone. I am 40w+1, and honestly, I kinda had a feeling. Though I had been having pretty strong contractions, there was this unnerving feeling I had that baby would wait until the last minute, or most inoportune time to make her entrance. This just goes to show me how little control we actually have in all of this.

I am not new to being a "postdate", Tristan was born just before his 43rd week in utero. Really, it's not all that uncommon. The due dates are set based on a 28 day cycle. So, if you are anything like me, and are super duper irregular...well then, here we are.

Just to clarify for those who have asked me, and yes...they have already started asking me despite being only ONE day past my due date. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

"Are you going to induce?"
Um....not yet, the baby SHOULD come when she is ready, and I would like to give her that time....

"WOW, aren't you worried about the baby getting too big?"
I guess, but then again, Tristan was 10 lbs, so...I should be alright.

"Are you going to schedule a C-Section??"
This one especially kills me....NO.

"Is it because you are using a Midwife??? My doctor would never let me go THAT long."
Well, your doctor would probably also schedule your induction early so he could make it to his golf tournament too. And,'s not because I am using a midwife.

"Aren't you soooooo uncomfortable?"
No different than yesterday, when I was at my due date.

"Have you had that baby yet??"
LOOK at my stomach....what the hell do you think? Einstein.

So, hopefully this will clear up a few cloudy questions for you all...and for those who just wanted to check in, I appreciate it...but PLEASE stop asking if I had the baby yet, trust me...YOU WILL KNOW!!!!!

Getting closer to recovery

For those that follow our blog, I am sure you remember our post about Tristan starting on his biomedical intervention journey. We have since paid thousands of dollars, and have seen some improvement...but, those have since tapered off. The DAN! Dr. that we saw before didn't provide us with the appropriate protocol that Tristan so desperately needs to continue improving, so we have been seeing a different NP (Naturopath) in our neighborhood. I am SO excited to report, that we are about to start 2 WONDERFUL interventions that we are hopeful will help Tristan in his day to day activities.

The first of these is Methyl B12 injections. He desperately needs the methly donor that methly-B12 provides to help his body detoxify toxins and chemicals. So, one way to go about providing it is by a shot. Now, most of you may think this is pretty extreme...but, it's really not as invasive as it may sound. The needle is as small as that of an insulin needle, and it's injected sub q into his bum when he is asleep. We have a numbing cream that is applied first, and then the injection to follow. Why are we doing this you ask? Tristan's, along with most children on the spectrum, biochemical processes that utilize B12 is deficient. Their guts are often not healthy, and therefore will not respond to oral forms of the vitamin. B12 is best utilized and absorbed when injected....and so here we are.

We are waiting for our shippment to come in, and will happily report any changes we see soon. Keep us in your thoughts!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

38 weeks....and a baby shower! *pictures to come!*

I am 38 weeks pregnant...can you believe it? It's almost time, we are going to meet this little bundle that has been crotch checking me the last 3 weeks. I am so excited, sentimental and happy for this time that I have had to feel her roaming around inside of me. I can't wait to hold her though.

This Saturday I was gifted with a beautiful baby shower. Shannon, my mom and my very good friend Kelley planned wonderful activities, ones that were really centered on the magic of this amazing gift. It was outside at a nearby park in our neighborhood, we had blankets and pillows thrown around the ground to be closer to earth and to enjoy the beauty around us. The food was YUM, and the company was fantastic.

My favorite time was when all the kids painted my tummy. A really beautiful experience and I cherished each moment. Kelley took pictures of Shannon and I together afterwards, and we were very happy she did...I don't know the last time someone took our picture that wasn't Trinity LOL.

I am getting very excited about the idea of my impending birth. I am so blessed to have found an amazing and caring friend in Kelley. She has been here with us during this journey, and has continued to become a very best friend to our family. If anyone is looking for Doula Services PLEASE check out her website. She is a gifted individual, and you will not be dissapointed in her ability to be 100% supportive during your birth.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Don't sweat the small stuff

Today Trinity was playing at the park with Tristan and his therapist, and she decided to play in the mud. The therapist calls me and says "is it ok if she plays in the mud?!" Me, totally unfazed, "yeah...that's fine." The therapist replies, "Ok, just checking...I asked Trinity if you were going to get upset and she said that her mom doesn't worry about the little things, only the big things." NICE...I love that she knows that about me, and it's true, life is too short to sweat all the trivial things. Think about how that mud playing will impact her later, will it cause her any undue harm? Most likely not. Will she be scarred? I don't think so. Will she have enjoyed herself immensly and just felt free to be a child? Yup, and that is what this journey is all about. So, go play in that mud Trin, and do it right...I love you T, and thanks for knowing me so well.

Monday, November 1, 2010

37 Weeks!

ALREADY? Seriously?? How did this happen? I can't believe that baby girl is just a few short weeks away from joining our family. I am so happy and excited, so thankful for this pregnancy, and tired at the same time. It's this bittersweet feeling, of joy and appreciation, coupled with exhaustion and fatigue.

Last week at my midwife appointment, I mentioned to the M/W's how I have just not been feeling myself. The contractions are still pretty strong, not all the way consistent, but heavy enough that I have to stop walking or talking. I have lost 5 lbs since the last appointment, not had a super duper appetite, and just been a little BLAH.

After the blood draws, urinalysis, NST's (they were being VERY proactive...which I appreciate). Baby girl looked great...mama on the other hand, not so great. My bloodwork came back with extremely elevated WBC's and very low Hemoglobin. Diagnosis, I am fighting off some sort of infection, and I am anemic.

But, I am super happy to report that at today's appointment showed me gaining back 2 of those 5lbs lost. The baby is roughly 7lbs in size, but is posterior right now. I talked with my doula, and she suggested crawling on my hands and knees to flip her...or other things *wink wink*. She said that the only reason this is not a desirable position for baby is because it can cause back labor...mama does NOT want back labor, so, hands and knees it is!

The M/W's checked my cervix and there has been a change!! I am currently dialated to a 2, and about 60% effaced, super exciting news, my body is on it's way. I am excited at the thought of finally meeting our new little girl, and can't wait to finally share her with all of you. Stay tuned for more and more updates.