Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If you like Bloody Mary's...

...you will LOVE this new mix that I found. I usually just make my own mix, I like it really thick and horseradishy...so, on the hunt, and many misses, I have declared Whiskey Willy's to be my ALL TIME favorite. It is made with all fresh ingredients, has just the right amount of horseradish/spice and kick to it...I actually made a ceviche with it too! So, if you are in the mood for a slighty chunky, super flavor packed and spicy Bloody Mary, you HAVE to try this mix.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It just hit me....

....Tristan is 3. He is THREE.....and though I have always had dreams of having more children...I feel like...well, I feel like I can't really go anywhere with that until we help him with his diagnosis. Sometimes I feel like I am being selfish in feeling this way, like...I am not wanting to take on another challenge, when a life is such an amazing thing to welcome into your world. I want more kids...I do, but, I worry that, this is going to sound horrible..but, I worry that the next one may have Autism too...and I really am not sure how well I could handle that. Don't get me wrong, I love my Tristan and all of his attributes, and very honestly, I would not change how everything has happened in regards to his situation...I want to help him work through his challenges, and to lead a life that makes him happy...but, I don't want to change him...does that make any sense? I guess I battle with the idea that Autism sucks, but, he is who he is because of it. He is this amazing, sweet, mild mannered, even tempered, sensitive, caring and bright child....would he be different if he were "normal"? I don't know. But, I know that I would miss the person he is now if things were different. I am all over the place here. It just hit me today...I cannot believe that he is 3. I remember when T was this age, and they are SOOOO different. It's just a bittersweet thing I suppose, especially when sometimes it seems like time is against us. There is this window of opportunity to get in there and help him break out...and I am racing, let me tell you...and, I have to be thankful that we are making good time, just need to stay in the race.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meet Rusty...and yes, we are insane

Trinity has been saving her allowance money for a new bike...then, she had a revelation....A FERRET. First let me start off my saying, yes, we are aware that we already have a bunny, a kitty, 2 bearded dragons, 2 fish and 2 dogs....*breathe* but, even with all of those animals, our 5 year old takes AMAZING care of them. She shows responsibility, kindness and empathy. She cleans their cages, checks their water daily, feeds them all and still has time to play with each of them...ok, not the fish...but, you know they don't like being held. So, when my mom gave her $10 to spend on school stuff, she very politely asked if she could instead put that money towards her allowance savings and pick up a ferret instead. We crazily agreed.

Fast forward to Saturday, we went to Petco to pick up some stuff, and here in the midst of all the "regulars" was a tiny baby ferret. Trinity was immediately drawn to him, and I have to say, I can't blame her. He is sweet. His demeanor is that of a baby, he cries to be held, he kisses her non stop and he sleeps in her arms. This little stinker is pretty darn cute. We fronted her $40 (since she had saved $60 on her own) and she agreed to pay us back with chores or when she recieves birthday money.

So, meet Rusty, our 6 week old boy ferret, he has a musky smell, but gives the GREATEST kisses EVER.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

i am

thankful for wonderful teachers
happy for my awesome family
sick for 3 days now
quite possibly addicted to npr
in love with turqoise and orange
in a vintagey type mood
really stoked on photography
working on an awesome mag project
missing my best friend
remembering when T was a baby
excited for a date with my shannon
struggling with finances
pleasantly optimistic considering
dreaming of cooler weather
loving my house
excited about life
playing hide and seek with t
eating ice cream...IN MY DREAMS
wishing on stars and hoping for miracles

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fake Shop Friday, back to school!

I LOVE kid stuff....all of it, any of it...ok, not BRATZ, but, that's just me. I am a vintage kind of girl, and luckily, my kids are too. When I went fake shopping this week, I found some really fun back to school inspired stuff. So check out what I put in my cart....oh I wish I could hit BUY.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Some people may reserve judgement on this, but not me...I think it is horrible when you see kids on leashes..I do, I don't think that children need to be on them, and trust me, I have a runner...but NEVER would I do that to him. This woman was recently jailed for dragging her son on a leash in a store. Many people are weighing in the side that she probably was just following thru on a threat....but, question is, why even threaten your child in the first place? The kid was probably throwing himself on the floor like an animal because he was being treated like one. In any event, she was jailed, as it should be.

Got some GREAT NEWS!

I applied for an internship for a local magazine about 3 months ago. I heard back from them yesterday that they are interested in seeing my work. After sending them my online portfolio, I recieved 3 assignments! This is considered a working interview, and if they like the work that I produce, I will earn contract / freelance work from them. I am so excited! The best thing is that I get to work from home / on location. The new magazine is West Valley Health and Living Magazine and as far as I have heard, they are launching on Wednesday. I should have at min. 2 full page photo spreads in there...so, I am SUPER STOKED! I will keep you all posted on the mag and the photo pages that I shot. Keep your eyes open for this magazine, because you will know the famous photographer that shot in it *popping my ego bubble*.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Still Lovin' School!

She is...she was so excited to get up today and go. She did so good, we didn't get to take her to her room today, just to the cafeteria to meet with her class, and together, they walked to their room...but she as ok with that. She has a new friend named Ivy, and boy, she is a cutie. I am sooo overjoyed that she is enjoying school so much. Yesterday, when she pulled out her homework folder, I couldn't find anything in there, she said "Mama, I don't remember if there was any, I don't think so...but, I can just write all of my letters?" She took her manuscript paper and wrote all the Upper and lowercase alphabet. Today, when she handed to her teacher, she was so surprised, and Trinity earned a star! I love this new school...and can't wait to see all the things she brings home to do.

Monday, August 3, 2009

"She's like my mom...away from home."

I asked Trinity if she liked her new teacher and that is what she said....*heart melts*. THAT is how your teacher is supposed to make you feel...safe, loved, nurtured, protected...anything less is unexceptable in my book, so you can only imagine how pleased I was to hear her say that about her teacher today!

So, flashback to this morning....it started off with a pancake breakfast. Trinity was dissapointed to learn that her favorite red ballerina slipper shoes were now one size to small "Mama, my shoes shrank!" I had to explain that her feet grew....AGAIN. She quickly recovered, and picked out an equally adorable pair of favorite shoes. *girls*

I drew a little heart in her hand, and she did in mine, just so we could remember each other during our long day apart...it helped to ease my seperation from her, as I looked at it about 100-ish times today.

We made sure to get all of her things together, her lunch, her backpack etc. and walked to school. I thought for sure she would start getting nervous...but nope, she didn't skip a beat on the way there. We met at the basketball courts then walked her into her class, she sat next to another little girl that was visibly upset, and all I could think of was Trinity last year...I reminded T that it was important to help those kiddos that missed their mama's, and she said "I know, be kind." We gave our last BIG kisses, and then left...no tears, no fighting. She is a Kindergartener.
...and, I love how when we took this picture of her and Tristan, they were holding hands...

Today seemed like an exceptionally long day without her here, at first, I wasn't sure what to do with myself...

...but quickly moved on to doing more productive things to keep busy. We constructed the "Congrats" sign, baked a cake, cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, decorated the house...

I was so happy though when it was 2:30! We walked to the school and brought Hoppy with us to greet her. She had a smile ear to ear when she saw us. I had butterflies...is that weird or what.

I asked her teacher how she did today, and her reply was wonderful. "She is an amazing little girl, very patient and loving...you are doing a great job with her." What a great thing to hear, and we praised Trinity for it.

On the way home she told us about her new friends, how she had lots of fun, didn't cry at all and couldn't wait to return tomorrow. It was really heartwarming to see her face when she discovered the balloons and sign that we worked so hard on.

She loved it....and the cake and milk was nice too!

This was a WONDERFUL day, no more worries about this and that...we are just enjoying all the amazing firsts that she is experiencing and are greatful to have such a loving teacher and an awesome kiddo! Yay school, and YAY Trinity...you did it kid!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I am getting the Kindergarten Jitters...NOT Trinity, but me. I am super excited and happy for this new juncture in our lives, but, I am also hesitant in trusting a public establishment in raising my child. I know, I know...melodramamama...but hear me out here. Everything that we have ever done for our kiddos is in their best interest, in protecting them from the harshness that is sometimes our world and not being there with her for 8 hours of her day....that's a tough pill to swallow. What if kids are mean? What if she picks up bad habits? What if she gets lost on her trip to the bathroom? What if she doesn't eat her lunch? What if she gets hurt at the playground? WHAT IF? I want to put a GPS tracking device on her backpack and instruct her to WEAR IT AT ALL TIMES! I contemplated sneaking her walkie talkies in there and telling her to make sure they are hidden....maybe I will just sit outside her classroom??? AH, the trials and tribulations of becoming a parent of a school aged child....and it only gets better from here. So, say a little something for ME tomorrow...I might get sent to the principals office if I'm not careful.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mmmm, your house smells good

Remember when I posted about making your own natural cleaning kit? Well, I wanted to share my little secret to a yummy smelling house...I have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 bunny, 2 bearded dragons and 2 very messy fish. My house can get stinky if I am not super careful. SOOO, before you go and spray Lysol or some other pollutant in your breating space, remember, you will breath that in! Why not do what we do, and it's super fun to let the kiddies in on the mixture. We go to Sprouts (you can pick them up at any natural food store though) and purchase a bottle of essential oil in our favorite smell, this oil will last you months, a little does go a long way. I place 4-6 drops in a sprayer with water and mist sofas, bed linens, carpets (takes the place of Feebreeze). You can also burn these oils in your oil burner, mix them with your natural cleaners, and put a little on a cotton ball and dab on your lamp lightbulbs...they scent the entire room in minutes. We currently are using Lemongrass, and I LOVE IT! Sooo, give it a try, there are TONS of great mmmm smells out there, and if you find a good one that you love, share it with me.

Saturday Morning Flashbacks

Not that we are watching TV all that often, but, whatever happened to the really good Saturday Morning Cartoons??? With all the retro-revival that is happening in our society these days, you would think that they would have a readily available channel that plays our favorites from way back when. Well, to start my own public access of sorts, I am going to showcase two intros of my favorite shows each week...these are shows that I counted the hours until Saturday came to watch...some were weekly favorites, afterschool enjoyment, but mainly, they were just awesome. I hope you enjoy these and if you remember a few of your favs, keep your eyes peeled for their intros! *remember to pause music on blog first!*

Because Shannon would kill me if I didn't list it first...The Transformers

...And because it was my favorite!! JEM!