Thursday, May 31, 2007

The stuff they say

Trinity says the FUNNIEST shit sometimes...really..

Yesterday I had something on my leg, she says "Momma, I think this is really need to take a bath" in other words, MOM..wash your stinky ass LOL! I was cracking up so hard. When I give her a kiss, and she wipes it off..she goes "I am rubbing it in." OR...the best one yet, "Mom, what are buttholes made of?" I was laughing for do you answer that...I mean, speaking of the body part, or the label? Folds skin or Jerks? I couldn't believe it. She once asked me how far UP was. Brother farted and she asked "Is that what all farts smell like? Because, his, really stink mom..." OMG..she is soooo not a princess!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Updates!!! I have been reminded by a long time friend that I need to update my blog. We have been so busy around here, I hardly find the time to do it, and I really needed to, so, thanks Tiffany, you reminded me to take a moment out of my busy - ness to just stop for a second!

Tristan is really growing, both physically and emotionally. He is such a joy to be around. He is saying "Good" ,"Ama (momma)", "Dog", "Dada", and "Boo-Boo" (Trin's nickname). He loves playing with his flashcards, and is able to distinguish receptively between two objects (cat and dog, bear and lion, ladybuy and bee etc.) He is pulling up and is taking steps while we hold his hands, still has yet to crawl on all fours, yet, he is getting into position and rocking back and forth. I guess the modified low crawl that he is doing is going to be what gets him around for now, and boy, does he get around! He is FAST! He is sooooo interested in things that could get him into trouble though, ie: electrical sockets, door jams, stairs, drawers, electrical cords, appliances....typical boy I guess!

Trinity is soooo cute! We just love her so much. She got a new Hermit Crab for a pet, she just loves him. He has a few names, "Little Guy", "Hermie", and "Summer (since his shell has a beach scene on it). I love her outlook on things. When we went to get her Hermet Crab from the store, that day..we ran out of gas a few miles from the gas station. I loaded the kids up in a shopping cart, and pushed our way to the station, filled up a gas can and putzed back to the truck. Instead of getting upset or asking a lot of questions, she said "WE ARE HAVING AN ADVENTURE!" So, anytime I feel like it just hasn't gone how I expected, it is an "Adventure" it.

US, we are great. Shannon got a promotion at work and starting Monday will be on an 8-5 M-F shift! We are super excited to get back to some sort of normalcy as far as schedules go. Trinity is happy that she will get her "bath buddy" back (I have been reminded by her that Daddy gives the BEST baths ever) and Tristan will get to say goodnight to daddy before turning into bed at 730. My photography is doing great, we have had some great response around our neighborhood, and soon, I will have my dedicated website!!!! (I will be sure to post that when it is up) The house is really coming along, with the help of Shannon's family, we have put in the sprinker lines and soon *fingers crossed* we will be installing the borders and grass!!! Next...THE POOL!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

What I love about Trinity

Ahh 1st born, my buddy, my princess, boo-boo, supergirl, extreme, fun loving little girl. I just can't say enough about her...she is amazing. I wish I could capture her beauty, her relentless tenacity, her amazment in all things simple and complex...I wish I could just bottle that up and keep it forever. I can't imagine her being anything more or less than what she is, and that...THAT, is perfect. Here are a few things that I just love about her...

-I love that she is so much like me (that sounded conceded, but I am sure any mother can understand)

-That she is so social, and can carry on the greatest of conversations with ANYONE

-How she does not judge. She welcomes all types of people into her circle of life, and just enjoys being the moment

-That she lives in the moment

-How she still calls me MaMa...who knew that 2 simple syllables could make a womans heart stop for just a second..every time it is called?

-The way she smells...clean or dirty, I just love to smell her hair.

-Her hair...long and wavy, sometimes in her eyes, but beautiful nonetheless

-Her BIG BROWN EYES and the lashes that accompany them

-When she holds my finger when we walk

-That she still wants and likes to cuddle with me

-Holding her..really holding her, and rocking her...I am so happy that she loves doing that still.

-That she still loves to sleep in our bed.

-How she strokes brothers cheek and head when he starts to wake up in his car seat, and she quietly says "Shhhh, shhhhh, go to sleep, shhhhh, shhhh"

-How even when she is mad, she is so darn CUTE!

-Her little hands, I love watching her color

-The way that she says certain "Hawaii" is "Puh-why", "Remember" is "Puh-mem-buh" and how she mixes up her F's and P's. I love how when she says "Feelings" it comes out
"Peelings", or when she says "before" it sounds like "da-pour". She has her own little language, and what one person may call an impairment, I call a great characther, I want to remember it, because I know she won't talk like this forever.

-Her undying love for animals

-Her imagination and all the things that she comes up should really hear them!

-When she wakes in the middle of night, for whatever reason, and asks for me...

-That she is mine forever..that I had a part in making her...that she is perfect to me, in everyway...that she is a product of mine and Shannon's undying love for one another...

What I love about Tristan

So, here we are...a family of 4! I like to take time and reflect on what makes us "4"...and that is Tristan. I just love him..he is the most amazing thing to me, to all of us really. I love holding him in my arms and he really gives me the best hugs, almost so tight that I can feel his heartbeat against mine. I just love that feeling, just like when he was in my tummy. Tristan may be our last baby, so, I am really enjoying all of his "babyness" while it lasts! Some things that I love about him:

-I love his armed, slobbery kisses...even when he pulls my hair a bit!

-I love when he wakes up in the middle of the night to nurse, and he explores my face with his if to say "is that you momma? just checking"

-Those 4 little teeth, even in the middle of the night, when he "slips" while nursing! LOL

-I love that he stares at Trinity like she is the center of his world...and any attention she gives him, he soaks it up..he smiles when she smiles, cries when she cries..they are so in sync with one's really something to watch.

-I love that he rolls his eyes and blinks his eyelashes really fast when you blow a kiss at him

-The way that he smells..all the time, clean or dirty..I just love that baby smell

-His slobbery little mouth and how he STILL sucks on his bottom lip

-When he gets "mad" and he makes a really rough huffing noise and hits the ground with his hands...then, he smiles

-That he will wake up, stare at you, roll his eyes and smile, then back to is so sweet.

-How he buries his head to my chest when he is tired

-His blonde hair and how it is starting to curl

-How he can laugh and cry at the same time, and still make my heart melt

-That he is so patient and so calm

-His BIG BROWN EYES and the eyelashes that go with them!

-Rocking him..and how he plays with my hair and just melts into me...

-I love that he plays with my hair

-I love his curiosity, although it will most likely get him stitches one day!

-I love that he has the biggest "little" hands and merely 9 1/2 months old, he wears a size 5 1/2 shoe!

-That he is mine forever..that I had a part in making him...that he is perfect to me, in everyway...that he is a product of mine and Shannon's undying love for one another...