Sunday, April 29, 2007

Family Fun Time!

We always seem to find fun things to do...wether it be riding horses, going for a walk, playing mini golf, or even getting lost in traffic...we just have fun! This weekend has been one of the best so far! We had the kids doctor's appointments on Wednesday, and had some discouraging, we decided to make the best of our time and we planned out a great weekend. We went miniture golfing, horseback riding...we also found things to do around home. We went for a really long bike ride, didn't account for the heat, and got a little exhausted. Dakota (one of our weims) came with us, but was too tired, hot and exhausted to run home, so we loaded him in the bike trailer and took him home that way! It was a fun experience for everyone...but mostly Trinity who got to hold him on the way home. When we got home, into the pool we all went (well with the exception of Tristan who fell fast asleep on the way home!)

Visiting the horses is always a favorite around here. Trinity rode bareback for the first time, and really enjoyed being with the animals, we all did. There is black horse, "Beauty" and a white horse, "Merry Legs"...these are names that Trinity has lovingly given them, and we like them too! I wish that Tristan would have been awake to see them, but, there will always be a next time!

The weekend before last we had a great time at a get together through our builder, Pulte Homes. They hosted a "Jamboree" where there were activities for the kiddos and parents alike. We rode mini horses, played in the petting zoo, went rock climbing, and danced to bluegrass music! Trinity rode a mechanical bull..boy, was that a site to see and hear! She is such a character. We are really loving watching her grow into her own person, amazing, challenging, strong willed, smart, funny, beautiful, caring, empathetic, daring, tenacious, a riot...I am sure there will be more posts stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Trinity says and does the silliest things..I wish I had kept a better diary of it all.

When i was pregnant, I remember her asking about the baby, she pointed to my belly button and said "Is this where baby is?" I told her yes, so she goes on to find a sticker, puts it over my belly button and says, very joyfully, "There, now the baby wont fall out" and walks was priceless.

Trinity believes wholeheartedly that her Daddy is Superman...When Shannon dressed up in a Superman costume, Trinity adoringly holds his hand, looks up at him and whispers "Daddy, can we fly now?"

She told me once that she wished I had 3 boobies.

Yesterday she farted and blamed the cat.

Two days ago she told me about the huge RAISIN she saw out the window, I say "A Raisin?" she says, "Yes, it was huge, it was black, had big was flying all around!!!" She was talking about a RAVEN.

She told me today that she wanted to be a photographer like me when she "gets bigger" we gave her this little camera, and she was outside waving at people, then snapping a picture...I watched her for a while, then asked "Trin whatcha doin'?" she says, "Oh, just taking some random pictures"....NICE WORD!!!!

When Tristan had RSV, and we were at the Children's Hospital, it came time for another set of tests...the nurse came to take Tristan for his Xray, Trinity was preparing all her things to come with us, the nurse tells her, "No, only your mommy can go" and Trinity says "NO, we are family, and families are supposed to stay together!" She was very serious, and got upset when they took her brother away, it was quite touching actually.

We were feeding some stray dogs at the park, later that evening, she was telling the neighbors about it and says "Yeah, today, we were at the park, we fed some strange dogs." STRANGE in Trinity speak = STRAY

Monday, April 16, 2007

Anniversary Weekend

Had a BLAST this weekend! We went up to Sedona and Flagstaff, the weather was beautiful, the company...superb LOL. We started our Anniversary Weekend by heading out to the Maricopa County Fair on was great..that is, until the storm hit. The storm, wind, all things aside, was's when the dust and sand starts flowing around, getting into my babies eyes, then, you messed with the wrong Momma! We start to see the Ferris Wheel teeter totter, and decide, maybe it is time to go? We run out..and, get CAUGHT ON THE NEWS. Damn Fox made it seem as though we were in Back Draft or something! Its pretty funny though, we are caught whipping around the corner to the exit, my hair is flying everywhere from the wind, Shannon is cradling Tristan as to protect from some horrible natural disaster...I am sure people thought we were running from a Tornado...ah, we have become those people...the ones who bitch when there are rain drops!!! (really, it was the sand and dust..I PROMISE!)

Friday we headed up to Sedona. What a great time. We stopped at the Krazy Kyote and asked about hotels, this man who owned at little cafe (The Living Earth Cafe) gave Trin and I free handmade cookies..when Trin gave him a hug to thank him, he just said that he saw how happy of a family we were, and felt compelled to spread some more happiness...I loved that. We ate at the cafe, and I must say, the company and food alike were wonderful. Afterwards, we went to Tlaquepaque, my favorite photo spot, took pictures, ate, enjoyed being together. Shannon and I went here before we were married, spent hours just being in each others presence... talking without how our life would be, where we would end up in the years to come..this time was no different, except this time, we had more to talk about, more to be thankful for...I love having kids. I always feel so  renewed after being there..Sedona is one of my favorite getaways.

After that was all said and done, we decided to head up to Flagstaff for the night. It was so nice, despite Tristan teething something horrible (I saw a little shiny white tooth poking through!) we really did have fun. We drove around town, played at parks, ate the BEST brunch ever!!! The Woodlands Inn has a lovely Sunday brunch that has TONS of hot foods, crab legs, shrimp, made to order omlettes, steak, chicken marsala, the list really does go on...but the best thing...wait for is only $15!! That was quite a highlight LOL.

At the end of the trip, we got home, and Shannon had 2 more days really is just nice to be with him..I love that man. I love to listen to him playing with Trinity..all the pretend play, the schemes that they come up with, the flowers they pick for me. I love to see him holding Tristan and snuggling Trinity, all the while giving me the greatest smile I have ever loved. We had a great Anniversary, thanks to everyone for the congrats, we really are lucky.

Monday, April 9, 2007


We had such a good time! It was really nice going to my parents house...they do Easter each year, and both my mom and dad put a lot of time and thought into the entire's wonderful, they are wonderful. This year, they bought all the kids baskets, filled them with things geared towards their mom really gets a kick out of filling those things! Tristan got a cute little bunny, Trinity, all sorts of fun stuff, from Playdoh to a wind up chicken that lays bubble gum eggs (Trinity says it is pooping them out..that is a 3 year old for you!)

This year my best friend Jackie was able to join us, it was really nice. I miss her being around...the kids love her, we love her...I hope that she can come back soon, but I think that she will be staying in Germany for a while. I guess we better start saving for a National Hydeman Family European Vacation huh!

It is always nice getting together with my family, we feel so happy and blessed to have them all close by...with the exception of Shannon's brother Chuck and his wife would be nice if the kids could be close, but they live out of state. I love seeing my brother and sister and law and neice Emily..I love my family so much, we are very lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful energy. I hope to always have them close, and if we ever do move, I hope they still visit!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Together for what seems like...

FOREVER..but in a good way :) Today, well, 40+minutes ago anyway (gosh, it's late) was Shannon and my 13th anniversary...we have been together since I was just under 15! I remember when I first met him...we were in Mrs. Poland's room for a Key Club meeting..he and his brothers walked in because they were taking a tour of the school...I fell in instant love. I remember telling my friend Steven that if he were mine, I would never let him go...and I didn't! We had a crazy beginning, my good friends know that whole story, my so-so friends try to pretend that they do, and my enemies..well, it was probably due to it...sadly enough..but true. I love this guy so much, and he is just so amazing. He is everything that I could wish for in a husband, bestfriend, father, lover....amazing. Well, these are just random musings, but I wanted to share nonetheless I LOVE THIS MAN!!!!! Happy 13th Anniversary to us.