Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Amazing Spider....GIRL?

So, as many of you know and love...Trinity has an AMAZING imagination! We just love how she dresses up, struts her stuff into a room and stays "in character" for hours. She imitates all things from Princesses and animals to Superheros and family members. She has recently shown more interest in Spiderman! So, being the somewhat overindulgers that we are...(hey, everyone deserves a costume every now and again!) we got her a dress up of Spidey. She had us cracking UP last night. As soon as she puts on the spectacular Spiderman costume she is IN CHARACTER...for and hour at least..she is jumping from her bed, hanging upside down in her closet, slinging her "web" at us...I was laughing so hard...I peed a little, but don't tell anyone..

This is the best shot I think, aside from the upside down spidey..Shannon captured it when she was jumping down from her gym was HILARIOUS to watch.

I think the funniest part is that she believes that she is them when she is in the costume, I mean, she knows it is not real, but her imagination is so vivid that she uses a different voice, her facial expressions change, her walk changes, everything...she is amazing. It is so fun to have such an outgoing, expressive and truly hilarious little girl for our daughter!

1 week has past....some thoughts on cloth

August 4th - Present

Day 1 - I got a few of the diapers last night and I have to say, they look amazing! I can't wait to get the rest of them. I sewed some inserts (since I am SURE I will be needing them) and am washing them as we speak. Shannon thinks its funny that I am getting this excited about putting something on our son that he is just going to shit on...but, he appreciates why we are doing it, so that is half the battle LOL!

OMG, these cloth diapers are the SWEETEST things I have ever seen. I just love the way that they feel on him. I mean, holding him and feeling cloth instead of paper on my arm is a strangley comforting feeling. He seems happier. They are super easy to put on...I am in love with this.

Day 2 - Ok, so, we had a blowout today...not like MAJOR, but some leakage took place, WAAAAYYY too much applesauce in his diet (and I am sure you are thingking, WAAY TMI)! But never fear....I OVERSTUFFED the diaper (yay for microfiber inserts!) It cleaned up so much easier than I feared LOL, so, we are good! I had to put Tristan in a "sposie" today (disposable diaper) Trinity says to me "MOM, what are you doing? Those are not the right ones!" Ah yes, my daughter has become a CD loving sister!

Day 3 - I have resorted to sewing some of my own diaps! I found several patterns online and with the help of a tutorial (AKA a friend of mine walked me through one that she made) a few of my own personal tweaks, and VIOLA! A handmade diaper just for my bubbers! This is really going to be addicting..I can feel it! Made some little ones for a friend and for Trinity's baby dolls too...Look out Martha Stewart...Jenn Hydeman is on the trail! (wow, that sounded really retarded...)

Day 4 - I am now the subscriber to SEVERAL diaper communities, my friend Marissa and I are TRULY becoming obsessed! This is BAAAADDD, (but in a completely good, Green, Earth friendly, kinda way!) My "stash" as they call it, is really growing! I can't wait to try them all on him (come on, poop already!) yeah, I know....

Day 5 - I truly have no idea why we didn't do this sooner...I really don't. Aside from the initial cost factor, we are going to save so much, we are not adding to this HORRIBLE overabundance of trash and waste in our landfills, they look and feel soooo wonderful, and they are fun to change. Yes, I said FUN TO is a great accessory to clothes, although, the fuzzy, bumpy little butt has a hard time fitting into a few pairs of pants...but hey, he doesn't need the diaper baby! The only "person" that it has affected negatively is our dog more "scobby snacks" or diapers that he can stumble upon...yuckas, he is gross!

Day 6 - Someone commented on the diaper that I made for him! "You should totally sell those"...hmmm, I think I just may! I have a few more kinks to work out, but, with the help of friends, I can try them out and see what they think too! So, anyone interested in some diapers LOL!

Day 7 - We went out and about today, ran to several different stores...he had a REALLY wet and soiled diaper that I had to change, I guess the only thing I need to figure out is, how do I rinse them when we are out? Anyone that CD's try and help me with that..will ya! Other than that, still loving it. I am really happy that we decided to do this, and I think that if you have a baby, and want to do something wonderful for them, go cloth! This public service announcement has been brought to you by Jenn, a crazy AP, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, Trinity and Tristan loving, cloth diapering ADDICT!