Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I LOVE THIS! Hey, what did you get?

Isn't that always the case. The whole idea of the grass is always greener. My kiddos both got TAG reading systems from Santa, and they love them, it's just, they love each others more than their own. Which isn't entirely a bad thing, but, when Tristan is more on the wavelength of colors, letters and numbers, he is reading books about long and short vowels and I am thinking that maybe, JUST maybe, it's a little over his head.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And the stupid just keeps coming...

Today, I was standing in what seemed to be one of the longest lines that I have ever stood in at Target. It was at least 10 people deep...and to think, I was only getting a gift card! There was this woman behind me, with 2 very unhappy babies, so, naturally, I let her go ahead of me. She was purchasing underpants. This is important to know, because it leads up to the stupid that pours out of my mouth, but wait for that, it's coming. So, she checks out and swipes her card...DENIED. She asks the clerk to run it for her, DENIED. Her total was $11something (yeah...some pricey underoos indeed) but all she has is a $10. Naturally, I cover her difference. Then, this happened.

Girl is leaving, very appreciative, waves to me
GIRL: "Thanks so much, Merry Christmas"
ME: "You are so welcome, enjoy those panties."
GIRL: has this happy/surprised/uncomfortable look on her face...as does my clerk...and the rest of the 8 people standing in my line.

Seriously?? Enjoy those panties?? What the heck was I thinking? Well done, Jenn...you definitely have a way with the words.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I did something stupid

Today I did something incredibly idiotic. Trinity was attempting to make something out of glass DADS CREAM SODA bottle when the stupid act followed.

ME - "Trinity honey, be careful with that...*touching the bottle* it's glass"
Trinity - "I know mama, I'm being careful."
ME - "Good *pointing to the bottle again...this time, getting too close and knocking it off the table* because we wouldn't want THAT to happen."
Trinity - "Uh, mom.....*confused look on her face*"
ME - *blushing...trying to play it off as something I meant to do* "Just trying to show you how terrible glass could end up if we aren't careful"
Trinity - *Just standing there with this "YEAH RIGHT" look on her face.*

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mass Consumerism, Shopaholics and Crazy Ladies....

What do they all have in common?? Zhu Zhu Pets. Seriously...these things are driving people to act all kinds of crazy. First of all...let's talk about the hoards of people at the mall...OH MY GAWD....I can't believe the way that people are running around like crazy to get "that last gift"....note to all of you out there, avoid the mall at all costs. Now, back to the blog title. Yesterday, I was standing in line at Toys R Us to return an afterthought, when I subtly mentioned to the cashier "So, what's the big deal with these things [pointing to the zhu zhus]" she says "Oh, what...the Zhu Zhu Pets??" and, apparently, that set off some sort of alarm in the lady behind me, because she commenced to jump out of line, and literally, scoop all the remaining crazy magnets off the table....WOW, I wonder if she knows about the "Limit ONE per customer" rule that they have. It was one of the strangest things I had ever seen. Either she was A) The 30 year old Grandmother to 17 children that all wanted a Zhu Zhu pet (unlikely) or B) Crazy. I'm gonna go with B on this one. You should have seen the look on her face. So, beware of the zhu zhu pets, they may try to take over an otherwise perfectly sane person near you.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A little FYI for you...

It burns REALLY bad when you get ginger in your eye. Just thought I'd share.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hey mom...look what I did!

So...I'm a Liar.

Here I go telling you that I am going to keep you posted on all the ins and outs of everything us, then I drop the ball...again. Geesh. I guess I should of said I will "TRY" to keep this thing updated. Hey, better a little here and there than nothing at all right?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Let's get crafty!

T loves her crafts, and with t being sick, this is something REALLY simple to keep her busy and having fun. enjoy FUN PAPER DOLLS

t is sicky poo

t started vomiting 2 days ago...came out of nowhere, no fever, nada. SOOOO, we come to find out that he had a dairy/milk exposure...definite no no in his tummy that's for sure. He is doing much better today, but, yesterday, not so much. He didn't even eat ANY Thanksgiving, at all. Hoping the next few days it will clear out of his system and he will be back to his boyish, crazy self.

UPDATE...almost all clear, he still isn't wanting much food, but, he hasn't puked since late last night. I am hoping this means that he is on the mend.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Little White Turkey Lie

My daughter is such an animal activist...so much so, that she decided that she will no longer be eating anything that "sounds" like it might be an animal product until she investigates it further...*sigh*. She said, "They kill the animals mom...it's not fair." After a night of tears just at the thought of how they "kill" the turkey for Thanksgiving, she banned it all together. Ham is ok, since, it doesn't sound like PIG and is in turn not easily associated with the death of an unsuspecting animal. So, in a shameless attempt to save Thanksgiving, we told her that her Grandpa found the turkey from a farmer, he was an old turkey that lived a really good long life...he died of natural causes, and since it isn't good to waste, he will be our Thanksgiving Turkey. She agreed that "he" could enter our house on a platter, but, that she would still have no part of it....alas, my daughter has become....me.

Working Girl

It's happening. I have become a working mom. When Shannon was laid off in July, he worked painstakingly at sending resumes, interviews and leads in an attempt to find SOMETHING...anything that would help. I sat and watched as he worried about finances, applied for unemployment, and got rejected for being "overqualified" for jobs he interviewed for. I decided to step up to the proverbial plate and start providing the best way I know how for this family...and for him. I worked on advertising my photography, getting new business cards, networking, offering specials until...tada...it paid off. We have been doing really well with just my photography, and Shannon is now staying home with the kiddos. This is our dream, I get to do something that I LOVE...and he gets to spend time with people he loves. Everything really does happen for a reason.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where are the people?

With the explosion of the WWW and email, people stopped writing "real" letters and instead just sent mass emails, I will admit, I am to blame for this too. Next on the agenda, blogs. People starting blogging in leiu of calling family for updates, and now, if it's even possible, applications like facebook, twitter and myspace have even pulled us away from our blogging! I too have been lacking in keeping this stinkin' thing updated, it just seems so much easier to post a "status update" but, alas, I vow to do better. Today is the day I blog a bit more.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Absent Minded Blogger

I have been MIA for a while here...promise to keep you all updated better really soon...but, quickly, my reason for being so absent minded is this head of mine...boy, is it causing me some real problems. Headaches suck. There is no other statement that better explains it than that. This is how I feel,
hopefully, we will see a rainbow. I will post more fun things soon, for now, have a happy halloween!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I wish I had birthday pictures to post.

Trinity celebrated her 6th birthday on Saturday! It was so.much.fun. She had 5 friends (girls only this time) and they just did girly stuff. We had the parents drop the kiddos off, and they jumped on the couch, read books in her room, played with her toys, decorated cupcakes, painted their nails, played "pin the crown on Trinity" and more. It was by far, my favorite party yet.

I took SO MANY good pictures, she had the best time. We bought her a cruiser for her birthday, and in themorning, took her out to "debut" it for the first time, I brought with me my trusty beloved camera, my work camera, and captured some amazing shots. We went over to the park, played in the sand and tehterball...during this time, I had set my camera down on the bench...only to forget it later. I didn't remember that I had "forgotten" it until many hours afterwards, and by then, it was gone. More than anything, I just want the memory card back, they can keep the camera, if they need it that bad....just give me back those memories.

So, I wish that I had pictures to post for you, for Trinity, but, I don't...hopefully, in a few days, or weeks...even months, someone will have returned it, and I will be showing you the look on her face when she jumped on the couch, or the smile that she wore when we painted her nails..but for now, we just hold on to the faith that all people are good in nature, and someone will return to us what is ours.

More allergies, and some answers too

You may recall a few months back when we started testing on Tristan to determine what he is allergic to and to what severity. We also performed a Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis Test to help us get a better grasp on what nasty little bugs are causing all of little t's tummy troubles. His tests came back, and boy...there are some interesting answers.

First off, lets talk about his allergies. He is ABSOLUTELY, 100% allergic, very severly I might add, to Wheat, Dairy, and now, EGG! He is sensitive to a bevvy of other foods, to include cranberries, but none as bad as the 3 previously stated culprits. So, starting today, he is GF/CF/EF and then soy in moderation. Can you stay, styrofoam dinner?

On to the more interesting part. They found high levels of yeast, specifically, candida albicans in his stool/gut. There is evidence that this form of yeast, may cause autism and may exacerbate many behavior and health problems in autistic individuals, especially those with late-onset autism. INTERESTING. The microbiology returned that t has high levels of BAD bacteria and NO PRESENT levels of good bacteria. Basically, his tummy has been a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast...no wonder the boy has never had a solid stool in his life.

Tomorrow we start the anti-fungal medication Diflucan. This is a blessing, and a curse. Because, with this med, comes the "die-off period"....a timeframe usually 7-14 days (sometimes longer) where all the yeast dies in his body, and is excreted. Some parents report constant screaming, hyperactivity, anger, sleepless nights...and the light at the end of the tunnel you ask? It's huge...many people state that once their children complete a full cycle of the medication, that they have increased eye contant, increased usage of words/language, decreased negative behaviours such as biting, teeth grinding, stimming etc., some parents report that their kiddos RECOVER. WOW. Though we don't expect a recovery, we welcome any positive change. I will just be happy when his tummy doesn't hurt anymore, when his ear infections go away, and when he can sleep without wakingup screaming in pain.

Here's to a new day, a new chapter and new beginnings! I will keep you posted on our progress.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

Today, was Crazy Hair Day at Trinity's school...I know, totally crazy :)

She wanted it half purple and half pink...she said that she looked like "A rocker girl"....so, we dressed to fit the part. Tomorrow is PJ Day...can't wait!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bear Bear

Tristan has a lovey. His name is Bear Bear. Tristan knows how to say "Bear Bear", and he named him this. Each night before bed, when he goes to say goodnight to everyone, he makes sure to say "Bear Bear?" and climbs into bed to get him. It is the sweetest thing ever....he kisses him, takes him to the potty, hugs and loves him so much. This is a huge thing, because to have a "Bear Bear" means that he is understanding abstract thoughts, he is thinking outside of himself, and he is using his imagination...baby steps....thanks Bear Bear, you are helping us breakthrough, even if little by little.


You know how Tristan is in absolute LOVE with Yo Gabba Gabba? His ultimate dream came true on Saturday when we took him to the Kids Fair to meet D.J. Lance Rock and Brobee. It was fabulous. I tell you, the most amazing thing to see your child in complete and utter awe of something....he was in heaven. The best part, it was THE D.J. Lance...the REAL one from the show. He rocked...majorly. There was a moment, when they were playing the "Family" song, he comes down from the stage, and Shannon runs Tristan up to the front to get a closer view...Shannon got teary eyed, it was the first time that he had a moment with Tristan, doing something that he REALLY enjoyed..they experienced it together, and it was really heartwarming to watch.
After the concert, which, by the way...was AWESOME, he got to actually meet with and take pictures with D.J. Lance and Brobee. He was so cool, he was soft and gentle with Tristan, trying not to scare him, Trinity told him that he had Autism, and he didn't bat an eye, he gave him a high five, wrapped his arms around him and Shannon, and had a picture together. It was a great family bonding experience, and it set the tone for the entire day.
I was so happy that we could do something just for him that he really loved. Something that tapped into his world, and for a moment, we were let in, to enjoy, to share, and to be a "normal" family....it was the best.day.ever.

Radial Head Subluxation...SAY WHAT????

Yeah, I know...what the? It happened to Trinity yesterday. In lamens, or "dummy" terms, she dislocated her radius bone in her forearm *cringe*. The doctor took x-rays and determined there was no fracture *thank you GOD!* but wasn't sure what it was....then he decided "I think I am going to try one more manipulation", and this is when Trinity responds "What does manipulation mean???" We had to hold her down while the doctor proceeds to pop her bone back into line *double cringe*....you should have seen her eyes. Imagine when you are watching one of those action packed shows where the leading star dislocates his shoulder, then someone has to force it back into the socket, theres a really loud POP, TONS of pain and screaming, and then, as if nothing happened, all is good.

So, I suppose you are wondering how this all happened? I beat her. RIGHT...like that would happen. She was standing on the cart at Walmart, back where the handle is, and had her arm lodged in between the handle and the area where the child sits. She saw a toy and jumped down, but failed to move her left arm out of the lodged position, and it hyperextended thus popping the bone out of place *YUM!*. I am happy to report, that she is doing lovely.

Take this as a lesson, no lodging of extremeties in carts, it's just not worth the pain!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I love Kindergarten

It seriously rocks. Trinity is excelling in and LOVING school. She is reading her sight words with no problem, and is according to her teacher, "amazing". I love seeing how proud she is after a days work. She brings her folder home, goes over all her assignments with us, and gets started on any new homework she has. She finishes everything before beginning to play. We read 2-4 books with her everynight, and it is paying off big time.

Shannon and I are Parent Classroom Volunteers on Tuesdays, and it is so much fun. Not only do we get to see our Trinity, but we get to see how they are learning first hand. This week we did preliminary tests on the kiddos, and holy cow, they are smart. Counting to 100+, graphs, AAB patterns, number recognition, prepositions, and more. I am so happy that we are here, this school district is amazing, and Trin's teacher is a dream come true. Keep up all the good work kiddo, we are so proud of you!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pee Pee on the Potty!!! YAY :)

We have been working with Tristan to go on his little potty before bath time for about a month now...he has been going about 50% of the time which is awesome. But, I have some fun and exciting new news to report! He has woke up dry for a solid week now, and immediately goes pee when we place him on the potty. He is also going after nap and before bath!!!! I am so happy for him that he is grasping this concept. Once we get his gut healed we can begin the process of working on #2.
He does his best reading there....
And thinking....

Even sneeks in a little time for kisses with Bear Bear.

Yay Tristan, we are SOOO proud of you buddy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If you like Bloody Mary's...

...you will LOVE this new mix that I found. I usually just make my own mix, I like it really thick and horseradishy...so, on the hunt, and many misses, I have declared Whiskey Willy's to be my ALL TIME favorite. It is made with all fresh ingredients, has just the right amount of horseradish/spice and kick to it...I actually made a ceviche with it too! So, if you are in the mood for a slighty chunky, super flavor packed and spicy Bloody Mary, you HAVE to try this mix.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It just hit me....

....Tristan is 3. He is THREE.....and though I have always had dreams of having more children...I feel like...well, I feel like I can't really go anywhere with that until we help him with his diagnosis. Sometimes I feel like I am being selfish in feeling this way, like...I am not wanting to take on another challenge, when a life is such an amazing thing to welcome into your world. I want more kids...I do, but, I worry that, this is going to sound horrible..but, I worry that the next one may have Autism too...and I really am not sure how well I could handle that. Don't get me wrong, I love my Tristan and all of his attributes, and very honestly, I would not change how everything has happened in regards to his situation...I want to help him work through his challenges, and to lead a life that makes him happy...but, I don't want to change him...does that make any sense? I guess I battle with the idea that Autism sucks, but, he is who he is because of it. He is this amazing, sweet, mild mannered, even tempered, sensitive, caring and bright child....would he be different if he were "normal"? I don't know. But, I know that I would miss the person he is now if things were different. I am all over the place here. It just hit me today...I cannot believe that he is 3. I remember when T was this age, and they are SOOOO different. It's just a bittersweet thing I suppose, especially when sometimes it seems like time is against us. There is this window of opportunity to get in there and help him break out...and I am racing, let me tell you...and, I have to be thankful that we are making good time, just need to stay in the race.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meet Rusty...and yes, we are insane

Trinity has been saving her allowance money for a new bike...then, she had a revelation....A FERRET. First let me start off my saying, yes, we are aware that we already have a bunny, a kitty, 2 bearded dragons, 2 fish and 2 dogs....*breathe* but, even with all of those animals, our 5 year old takes AMAZING care of them. She shows responsibility, kindness and empathy. She cleans their cages, checks their water daily, feeds them all and still has time to play with each of them...ok, not the fish...but, you know they don't like being held. So, when my mom gave her $10 to spend on school stuff, she very politely asked if she could instead put that money towards her allowance savings and pick up a ferret instead. We crazily agreed.

Fast forward to Saturday, we went to Petco to pick up some stuff, and here in the midst of all the "regulars" was a tiny baby ferret. Trinity was immediately drawn to him, and I have to say, I can't blame her. He is sweet. His demeanor is that of a baby, he cries to be held, he kisses her non stop and he sleeps in her arms. This little stinker is pretty darn cute. We fronted her $40 (since she had saved $60 on her own) and she agreed to pay us back with chores or when she recieves birthday money.

So, meet Rusty, our 6 week old boy ferret, he has a musky smell, but gives the GREATEST kisses EVER.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

i am

thankful for wonderful teachers
happy for my awesome family
sick for 3 days now
quite possibly addicted to npr
in love with turqoise and orange
in a vintagey type mood
really stoked on photography
working on an awesome mag project
missing my best friend
remembering when T was a baby
excited for a date with my shannon
struggling with finances
pleasantly optimistic considering
dreaming of cooler weather
loving my house
excited about life
playing hide and seek with t
eating ice cream...IN MY DREAMS
wishing on stars and hoping for miracles

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fake Shop Friday, back to school!

I LOVE kid stuff....all of it, any of it...ok, not BRATZ, but, that's just me. I am a vintage kind of girl, and luckily, my kids are too. When I went fake shopping this week, I found some really fun back to school inspired stuff. So check out what I put in my cart....oh I wish I could hit BUY.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Some people may reserve judgement on this, but not me...I think it is horrible when you see kids on leashes..I do, I don't think that children need to be on them, and trust me, I have a runner...but NEVER would I do that to him. This woman was recently jailed for dragging her son on a leash in a store. Many people are weighing in the side that she probably was just following thru on a threat....but, question is, why even threaten your child in the first place? The kid was probably throwing himself on the floor like an animal because he was being treated like one. In any event, she was jailed, as it should be.

Got some GREAT NEWS!

I applied for an internship for a local magazine about 3 months ago. I heard back from them yesterday that they are interested in seeing my work. After sending them my online portfolio, I recieved 3 assignments! This is considered a working interview, and if they like the work that I produce, I will earn contract / freelance work from them. I am so excited! The best thing is that I get to work from home / on location. The new magazine is West Valley Health and Living Magazine and as far as I have heard, they are launching on Wednesday. I should have at min. 2 full page photo spreads in there...so, I am SUPER STOKED! I will keep you all posted on the mag and the photo pages that I shot. Keep your eyes open for this magazine, because you will know the famous photographer that shot in it *popping my ego bubble*.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Still Lovin' School!

She is...she was so excited to get up today and go. She did so good, we didn't get to take her to her room today, just to the cafeteria to meet with her class, and together, they walked to their room...but she as ok with that. She has a new friend named Ivy, and boy, she is a cutie. I am sooo overjoyed that she is enjoying school so much. Yesterday, when she pulled out her homework folder, I couldn't find anything in there, she said "Mama, I don't remember if there was any, I don't think so...but, I can just write all of my letters?" She took her manuscript paper and wrote all the Upper and lowercase alphabet. Today, when she handed to her teacher, she was so surprised, and Trinity earned a star! I love this new school...and can't wait to see all the things she brings home to do.

Monday, August 3, 2009

"She's like my mom...away from home."

I asked Trinity if she liked her new teacher and that is what she said....*heart melts*. THAT is how your teacher is supposed to make you feel...safe, loved, nurtured, protected...anything less is unexceptable in my book, so you can only imagine how pleased I was to hear her say that about her teacher today!

So, flashback to this morning....it started off with a pancake breakfast. Trinity was dissapointed to learn that her favorite red ballerina slipper shoes were now one size to small "Mama, my shoes shrank!" I had to explain that her feet grew....AGAIN. She quickly recovered, and picked out an equally adorable pair of favorite shoes. *girls*

I drew a little heart in her hand, and she did in mine, just so we could remember each other during our long day apart...it helped to ease my seperation from her, as I looked at it about 100-ish times today.

We made sure to get all of her things together, her lunch, her backpack etc. and walked to school. I thought for sure she would start getting nervous...but nope, she didn't skip a beat on the way there. We met at the basketball courts then walked her into her class, she sat next to another little girl that was visibly upset, and all I could think of was Trinity last year...I reminded T that it was important to help those kiddos that missed their mama's, and she said "I know, be kind." We gave our last BIG kisses, and then left...no tears, no fighting. She is a Kindergartener.
...and, I love how when we took this picture of her and Tristan, they were holding hands...

Today seemed like an exceptionally long day without her here, at first, I wasn't sure what to do with myself...

...but quickly moved on to doing more productive things to keep busy. We constructed the "Congrats" sign, baked a cake, cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, decorated the house...

I was so happy though when it was 2:30! We walked to the school and brought Hoppy with us to greet her. She had a smile ear to ear when she saw us. I had butterflies...is that weird or what.

I asked her teacher how she did today, and her reply was wonderful. "She is an amazing little girl, very patient and loving...you are doing a great job with her." What a great thing to hear, and we praised Trinity for it.

On the way home she told us about her new friends, how she had lots of fun, didn't cry at all and couldn't wait to return tomorrow. It was really heartwarming to see her face when she discovered the balloons and sign that we worked so hard on.

She loved it....and the cake and milk was nice too!

This was a WONDERFUL day, no more worries about this and that...we are just enjoying all the amazing firsts that she is experiencing and are greatful to have such a loving teacher and an awesome kiddo! Yay school, and YAY Trinity...you did it kid!