Friday, March 28, 2008

Enjoying the Warmer Weather

I LOVE Spring...I think it is my favorite, I know it is. I love planting beautiful vibrant colored flowers in the yard, I love cleaning the house out...I adore the evenings and the chance to take late evening walks. My children are no exception to the Springtime love. They love that it is getting warm enough to play in the water. Remember when you were little and you would play in the sprinkler? I didn't have a pool, no fancy water parks...just that yellow and aluminum oscillating sprinkler. We used to try and keep away from the water, or jump higher than the sprinkler height without touching the streams. Good times. I pulled out the yellow sprinkler, hooked it up on driveway and let the kids have at it. Fun indeed!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Things are pretty

It's amazing to me how 3 words can really change your outlook on things. Today, I was feeling a little overwhelmed by things that had to get done...I was talking to Trinity about how I am trying to bring back the Zen...i think she I really understand LOL? Anywho...she says to me, very matter of factly, "Momma, don't worry so much, things look pretty." I totally understood what she was saying, but I applied it to everything, and those 3 words are getting me through it...when I feel the AHHHHH coming on, I think, "things are pretty" it all looks good...get some pretty for is great.

I have found Zen again

It has been rough lately....I am not going to lie. So, when the going gets tough, you can fall apart...but only do it for a second, then you have to pull it together. I have found a website that is incredibly motivating and inspires me to really get it together! Check it out if you have time, it can be life changing.
There are exerpts on how to keep an uncluttered home, stop living paycheck to paycheck, simplifying your life with kids etc....good reads!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter...yeah, I know, I'm late...

I am late posting this, but, HAPPY EASTER!!!! I love Easter, I would have to say that up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving, it is one of my all time favorites. I love decorating the eggs...ok, I love eating the eggs..but, it's fun to watch Trinity decorate them. This year, just like every other year, we spent at my parents farm. I love them. I love going there and appreciate how attentive they are to the children. They truly adore them, and value them as individual people. We had a WONDERFUL time. Trinity brought her new bunny (oh, if you haven't read the blog may want to do that real quick to get caught up!) My dad had a pen all set up for her under the Apple Tree in the backyard. The kids had an egg hunt, my dad took Trinity on the tractor for their ride around the neighborhood. It was really nice to be in the company of people that I love SOOOO much. Here are some pictures from our Easter at our house and my parents.

We also went to the Buckeye HOPPY EASTER FESTIVAL and it was fabulous! They had a HUGE egg hunt for the kiddos and they seperated it by age group...which I was so thankful for. There were hundreds of eggs, and even more eager children ready to pounce on them! Here are some pics of Trinity enjoying her hunt and Tristan after he woke up, he slept through the entire thing!!!

We would like to introduce.....

BORN: (no real idea....roughly 8 weeks ago, but adopted the day before Easter)
GENDER: Girly girl
COLOR: The most lovely shade of chocolate brown and a little white button nose
HT / WT: weebit /itsy bitsy

So, we are suckers. I am an animal advocate, everyone of my friends knows this, and well, I have raised an animal lover too. The day before Easter, we like to go as a family to the Easter Festivals that are put on through our city. This one had a petting zoo, and they had bunnies...EVERYWHERE. Now, I must say, I had NO intention of purchasing one of these little furry balls of joy, but, upon seeing the love and pure compassion my daughter offered one of the tiniest of bunnies...well, put a sucker sticker on my shirt. She is the BEST pet. She is almost potty trained in her crate. She tolerates Trinity carrying her everywhere. She sleeps on her back, legs spread...she gives kisses and responds to her name. She is so freaking cute. So, withough further Lil Miss Hoppy Bunnikins Hydeman, our newest pet addition...that makes 9!

Picking flowers

Ok...I have to post this one. I try not to be too overly negative, it is not good for your mind, it is not good for you period...but, you DO have to get things out to clear your thoughts, so, I am doing it. It's a simple concept really, you are a little girl, you see flowers, you feel an overcompulsory need to pick them right? Well, WRONG if you go to a certain family members house that is related to me by marriage...following me so far? She loves to pick me flowers...I actually have a baggie of EVERY flower she has ever given me. This love for picking me flowers does not stop when she goes to SAID peoples house. BUT...she is reamed everytime she attempts this innocent and perfectly normal act. I don't understand it. Why can't she pluck a little flower here or there without hearing "UG, *Lord's name in vain* DON'T pick the flowers!!!!" One time, she was in their courtyard, surrounded by the MANY flowers and pots all over the place...she picks me a flower, hears the statement of how she shouldn't be doing that, like its a bad thing and that those were THEIR flowers. She responds "No, they are God's flowers." That's my girl....but, it was quickly ruined by "YEAH, but I planted them" UH, ok, that makes you better than God then? Why rebute with that? Whatever....I finally told her that it was their rules, I didn't agree with them, but, that when we are THERE, that she should refrain from doing what she loves. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trin and the Beanstalk

So, we LOVE to plant...Trinity recently planted a bean a few weeks ago and it has sprouted. She asks me today,

TRIN: "Mama, what is this bean making??"

ME: "A beanstalk baby."


ME: "Yes baby EXACTLY!!!"
TRIN: "Mama, will you climb up the beanstalk with me?"
ME: *my heart melts* "Of course honey...we can go all the way to the clouds."

TRIN: "Then we could see MiMi (Shannons passed away Grandma) and Ickeys (her fish that passed.)"
So, we are planting a beanstalk to go to Heaven apparently..anyone have anyone they want to catch up with? We are planning a trip soon LOL!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tristan's Concussion....yes, CONCUSSION

Sooo, it was a lovely Tuesday evening, we were playing having fun at the neighbors and came home to start dinner. Tristan and Trinity were watching a television program while I whipped up some grilled cheese sandwhiches (hey, it's their favorite). I took a peek over into the Family Room and saw Tristan standing on the coffee table, I asked him calmly to get down, and started to walk towards him...he takes a tragic step backwards, and the rest, is history. I couldn't get to him fast enough, I saw it happen and couldn't catch him...he whacked the back of his head so hard I heard it was a horrible sound. He immediately begins to scream, and wants to nurse, after about a minute of trying to comfort himself, he begins to vomit...everywhere. Trinity starts screaming, she hates seeing him in pain. I ran to the neighbors house to see if they had a flashlight, which they this point, Tristan was all dazed and wobbly, continuing to vomit. I made the executive desicion to rush him to the hospital. Shannon was shopping at the store and he rushed home in time for us to all go to the ER together...thank God, because the worst was yet to come.

We got everyone packed into the truck, and I turned on the TV to try and keep him the time I ran to strap Trinity in, he was asleep...shit. We woke him up briefly, only for him to fall asleep again...this time, he didn't wake up. I called the ER who immediately urged me to dial 911...they patched us into the local Fire Dept. that told us to pull to the side of the road and they would come get us.....Shannon was not going for that, he said that we were not going to waste anymore time waiting when he was unconcious. I agreed, and we went on our way. The fireman walked me through what to do, because, honestly, I was a little out of it. I had to stay cool though because Trinity was watching my every move, making sure that everything was ok.

Now came the fun part of trying to get him awake. I was tapping his shoulder, turning all the lights on in the truck, blasting the stereo, I even slapped him in the face, yes, I hit my child, but not in anger or as punishment...I wanted him to wake up so bad. Finally, after I dumped a bottle of cold water on him, he started to arouse.

We arrived at the ER and I rushed him in, awake, but falling back asleep..oh, did I mention he vomited all over me again? I was standing behind people that were there for what I thought were trivial reasons...of course, to them, it was probably very important, so, I understand...but, when a morbidly obese man is monopolizing the nurses complaining that after he ate at an all you can eat resturaunt, he started to feel ill....give me a fucking break...go on a diet. Anyway....I informed them of the situation, and they rushed us back.

The doctor comes in and agrees that he wants a CAT Scan and orders it STAT...that word, STAT, it makes me nervous...anyone else? I just don't like it. Anyway, they tell me they have to inject him with something called Ketamine..look it up sometime, it is not pretty. They make me sign a waiver...great, so it's MY fault if YOU do something bad to MY child...they inject him with this shit, and he starts screaming. I am holding him and singing his favorite song, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...shhh baby, it's make me happy, when skies are's ok bubbub, mama's'll never know dear....." and he stops crying, about 5 mins into the shot. I look at him and he is in a semi-catatonic state..eyes wide open, jolting back and forth..looking at me, but straight through me. I hated seeing him like that. I lay him down, and all these people start rushing in. He is being hooked up to monitors, oxygen etc. Then they rush him down the hall. That point...right there...that is when I finally broke down.

Shannon took Trinity to get dinner..she was so tired too, and I am sure it was really stressful for her to see all of this happening..and, well, I didn't want her around all the sick people in the ER. It only took 15 minutes, and they were back. Tristan was still asleep, or mid awake...either way, it was not a nice site. He looked like he had a stroke. His arms were all crunched up to his chest, there was drool coming out of his mouth...I was just a mess looking at my perfect boy, all out of sorts. I wanted to just kiss him and have him wake up. I wanted to close my eyes REALLY tight and hope that when I opened them, he was back. I kept thinking, "is this it? Is this what he is going to be like?" I thought he was going to be a vegetable. I know now that I was really overreacting, but come on, tell me you would not have been the same way.

The nurse was concerned because he wasn't waking. She called the Dr. who performed a series of tests, he finally pissed Tristan off because he was coming through a bit...that was the first time in my life that I was happy to see someone poking and proding at him. He fell right back asleep, but, it was 11PM by this time. The CT came back negative! YES! We were under observation for just a little bit and the nurse told me the next 48 hours were critical. If there was a little brain bleed *please don't say brain bleed lady* if there was one, we would know in that time frame.

He slept all night, ALL night. Normally he wakes at least once to nurse...I wanted him to wake up so bad. I slept like shit.

So, on to today. He is good. He is irritable as all get out, but, they said that can last up to a week following a concussion. He is still trying to climb, but, to my surprise, listens when I remind him that it is dangerous. I have to say, I thought that I lost my little boy. I really truly did. It was a horrible feeling, one that I don't think I will quite ever shake. Cherish them...cherish really can end in a second's time.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Emotional Roller Coaster, ticket for one please...

Really, does it ever feel that way for you sometimes? I mean, up and down, this way that way...where will we end up next. There are days that I feel like I am LITERALLY falling apart. I find bones and joints that just don't seem to move as they use to. I am finding new wrinkles that I never imagined could possibly sprout up. I have a few grey hairs...I will admit it, not from my mouth, but I can type it at least. Shannon is most definitely my scotch tape holding together all the peices that I call broken, and that he just calls bruised. I am forever greatful. Amongst it all though, I am finding that my heart is still growing, that I am still learning, and that each new day brings that butterfly feeling from the top of that roller coaster as I come tumbling down, falling free and easy. I am ready to climb up again, tomorrow is a new day on this roller coaster, and I can't wait to see where the ride will end, anyone care to join me?