Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reflux Sux

Adeline has officially been diagnosed with severe reflux. My poor babe. We saw this happen with our Trinity, and now, little miss a is dealing with it too. Luckily, she turns to the breast for comfort, and is gaining weight as she should be...but, on the same note, it is causing her to have more cases of flare up. We took her to the doctor for what we thought was a bad cold. The doctor looked up her nasal passages and reported that all the inflammation was to be attributed to the stomach acid coming back up her throat and into her sinus cavity. They started her on Zantac, which she had a horrible reaction to, so we are putting her on Prevacid now, keep your fingers crossed that it will help!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tristan's First day of school! *SUPER late post!*

This was supposed to be posted back in October...I know *slap on hand* bad mama blogger.

October 19, 2010
Oh man...I thought this day would never come. I know, melodramatic much? But hear me out....he is still such a baby to me. Maybe it's because he doesn't speak, but...I feel this overwhelming need to protect him, even more than I thought I would.

First day comes, I am doing surprisingly ok. Then, drop off time. I start to unravel a bit. Shannon and Trinity were both there for moral support, but, I had to hold back the tears. He was so sweet with his back pack on. He walked with Daddy and Sis, hand and hand while I followed like a mad woman taking pictures. Just so you know, pregnant, walking a backwards while taking pictures, probably not the best of ideas...but, I did get some pretty good shots ;)

We went to lunch when little t was at school, I HAD to keep my mind busy. The time just kinda creeped by. Luckily, I had my Trin with me to keep me laughing and for extra hugs.

We picked him up at the end of school, and his teacher walked him out. I saw him and wanted to run to him...scoop him up, kiss him ridiculously, but..running is out of the question, so...I hobbled as fast as my swollen feet would let me, and saw on his lips "mama"...I was so excited that he saw me.

The teacher said he had an amazing day. All the kids love him, and he's a real ladies man at the playground. She mentioned how he wasn't really into sitting during circle time, so, they put some music on and he danced. They read my note..."dancing makes him happy". I love that they read my note.

I feel so happy for Tristan. This is a new chapter in his book, and he is having such a fun time writing the rest. Good job buddy, you are on your way.

Tooth Fairy! *SUPER late post!*

I meant to post this long ago when it happened, but everything else was happening at the same time! So, without further delay...the tooth fairy visited!!

Trinity had this snaggle tooth that had been hanging out for some time. She was really not a fan of having it pulled or pulling it herself but she really wanted that thing out. We tried all kinds of things to help it out. Ice, numbing stuff, wiggling, but NOTHING would get that little thing to come out. Finally, the big girl tooth started to come in behind it and I told her that if we didn't pull it, we would have to go to the dentist to have it pulled...not that going to the dentist was a bad thing, but, it just meant that we would further delay her Tooth Fairy visit. So, she said I could pull it out. I was stunned. She normally does not like anyone messing with her mouth. With a "1, 2, YANK, 3!" it was out. Just.Like.That. She was a trooper, no tears, no fussing, and she smiled at me with a mouth full of blood. I was really hoping that she didn't look at herself in the mirror, because that would scare any 7 year old. Luckily, she just raced out to show Daddy.

The Tooth Fairy left her a tiny note a 2 silver dollars in her tooth box covered with "fairy dust". She was so excited and proud of herself. Good job Trinity, you are well on your way to a mouthfull of bumpy teeth!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Has it really been a month already??

I am constantly surprised at how time so quickly slips away from us. It's been a month since my sweet Adeline was welcomed into this world. A MONTH. I really loved being pregnant, and though there are parts that I will always miss...nothing could take away from the gift we were given in Adeline. I remember waiting the last few weeks for her to decide to be born, those days...they seemed like forever, and here we are now, and I am trying to figure out a way to slow it all down. My birth was such a welcomed and surrealy wonderful experience, I just can't believe that it all happened over 30 days ago.

Adeline is growing more and more everyday. She has so many rolls, and is just a squishy wonderful thing. She has this amazing personality all of her own, loves to be held, and smiles constantly. I enjoy our late night nursing sessions, baby massages, and just staring at her. I can't stop staring at her. Last night, she was up for what seemed like an insane amount of time, but I actually enjoyed it! She just wanted to look at me. She was smiling and cooing and making me fall hopelessly in love with her even more.
She is, by all accounts, the most patient baby we have had yet. She is a champion sleeper, and as you can see by her pictures, a pretty proficient nurser too. She smiles so big that often times, I think she could blow doors off the house. She is just about to laugh...anyday now, and when she does, watch out. We are getting into our own groove, if we could just go a week without someone getting ill. Seriously, from the time we brought her home, to today as I type someone in this house is sick. Luckily though, it's not been her.

Well thats all for now, I will update more later...when I have two hands to type!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Booby milk ROCKS!

Adeline has gained 3lbs 4oz since birth! I so love seeing her beautiful rolls, her chubby cheeks, puffy hands and wrinkly wrists, knowing that I had something to do with that. We just love our chunky little one, and it's so much fun seeing her grow.