Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

Today, was Crazy Hair Day at Trinity's school...I know, totally crazy :)

She wanted it half purple and half pink...she said that she looked like "A rocker girl"....so, we dressed to fit the part. Tomorrow is PJ Day...can't wait!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bear Bear

Tristan has a lovey. His name is Bear Bear. Tristan knows how to say "Bear Bear", and he named him this. Each night before bed, when he goes to say goodnight to everyone, he makes sure to say "Bear Bear?" and climbs into bed to get him. It is the sweetest thing ever....he kisses him, takes him to the potty, hugs and loves him so much. This is a huge thing, because to have a "Bear Bear" means that he is understanding abstract thoughts, he is thinking outside of himself, and he is using his imagination...baby steps....thanks Bear Bear, you are helping us breakthrough, even if little by little.


You know how Tristan is in absolute LOVE with Yo Gabba Gabba? His ultimate dream came true on Saturday when we took him to the Kids Fair to meet D.J. Lance Rock and Brobee. It was fabulous. I tell you, the most amazing thing to see your child in complete and utter awe of something....he was in heaven. The best part, it was THE D.J. Lance...the REAL one from the show. He rocked...majorly. There was a moment, when they were playing the "Family" song, he comes down from the stage, and Shannon runs Tristan up to the front to get a closer view...Shannon got teary eyed, it was the first time that he had a moment with Tristan, doing something that he REALLY enjoyed..they experienced it together, and it was really heartwarming to watch.
After the concert, which, by the way...was AWESOME, he got to actually meet with and take pictures with D.J. Lance and Brobee. He was so cool, he was soft and gentle with Tristan, trying not to scare him, Trinity told him that he had Autism, and he didn't bat an eye, he gave him a high five, wrapped his arms around him and Shannon, and had a picture together. It was a great family bonding experience, and it set the tone for the entire day.
I was so happy that we could do something just for him that he really loved. Something that tapped into his world, and for a moment, we were let in, to enjoy, to share, and to be a "normal" family....it was the best.day.ever.

Radial Head Subluxation...SAY WHAT????

Yeah, I know...what the? It happened to Trinity yesterday. In lamens, or "dummy" terms, she dislocated her radius bone in her forearm *cringe*. The doctor took x-rays and determined there was no fracture *thank you GOD!* but wasn't sure what it was....then he decided "I think I am going to try one more manipulation", and this is when Trinity responds "What does manipulation mean???" We had to hold her down while the doctor proceeds to pop her bone back into line *double cringe*....you should have seen her eyes. Imagine when you are watching one of those action packed shows where the leading star dislocates his shoulder, then someone has to force it back into the socket, theres a really loud POP, TONS of pain and screaming, and then, as if nothing happened, all is good.

So, I suppose you are wondering how this all happened? I beat her. RIGHT...like that would happen. She was standing on the cart at Walmart, back where the handle is, and had her arm lodged in between the handle and the area where the child sits. She saw a toy and jumped down, but failed to move her left arm out of the lodged position, and it hyperextended thus popping the bone out of place *YUM!*. I am happy to report, that she is doing lovely.

Take this as a lesson, no lodging of extremeties in carts, it's just not worth the pain!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I love Kindergarten

It seriously rocks. Trinity is excelling in and LOVING school. She is reading her sight words with no problem, and is according to her teacher, "amazing". I love seeing how proud she is after a days work. She brings her folder home, goes over all her assignments with us, and gets started on any new homework she has. She finishes everything before beginning to play. We read 2-4 books with her everynight, and it is paying off big time.

Shannon and I are Parent Classroom Volunteers on Tuesdays, and it is so much fun. Not only do we get to see our Trinity, but we get to see how they are learning first hand. This week we did preliminary tests on the kiddos, and holy cow, they are smart. Counting to 100+, graphs, AAB patterns, number recognition, prepositions, and more. I am so happy that we are here, this school district is amazing, and Trin's teacher is a dream come true. Keep up all the good work kiddo, we are so proud of you!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pee Pee on the Potty!!! YAY :)

We have been working with Tristan to go on his little potty before bath time for about a month now...he has been going about 50% of the time which is awesome. But, I have some fun and exciting new news to report! He has woke up dry for a solid week now, and immediately goes pee when we place him on the potty. He is also going after nap and before bath!!!! I am so happy for him that he is grasping this concept. Once we get his gut healed we can begin the process of working on #2.
He does his best reading there....
And thinking....

Even sneeks in a little time for kisses with Bear Bear.

Yay Tristan, we are SOOO proud of you buddy!