Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"That's all I ever wanted him to say!"

These are the words that came bursting out of T's mouth as her little brother says in his own way "Dih - Duh - Dee"...translation Trinity.


The pictures kinda speak for themselves, but, I will give you a quick bio. Shannon grew his beard out shortly after T's 5th birthday party. He decided after a month of donning the mountain man persona that it was time to once again reinvent himself....and with the help of Trinity and his trusty shaver, he did just that about 5 times in a span of 30 minutes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. (Picture #5+6 are in my opinion "pee your pants" funny....it least...for me they were! LOL - Shannon is going to kill me.....)

Mountain Man Shan

Miss Trinity hard at work!

So Proud
So far, so good.... OMG....

Hahaha, better and better *uh-oh, I peed a little*

Say hello to my little friend....

So trusting...

It wasn't that bad

There's my boy!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Giardia??? WHAT?

Tristan had his appointment with the Gastro Ped today. A little background on little t's poop...because I know you all are DYING to know! He has NEVER had a solid stool in his life...ok, I am wrong, with the exception of maybe 2 and those were a fluke thing. He has a bowel movement 6-8 times a day, and there is ALWAYS undigested food in his stool. Everytime he eats, he poops. We used to think it was so clever, "wow, he has his bm's on a schedule...he is going to be EASY to potty train!" Little did we know that it was because he was just passing the food directly in and out...We sent in 3 samples to his Ped to be tested for any blood, abnormalities and the such. It came back positive for something called Giardia. Giardia is a waterborne parasite that causes EXTREME diarrea and fatigue. The GI doesn't seem to think that this is what has been causing his poopy issues, but, it doesn't help. Right now, they are leaning more on the side of Celiac Disease or possibly Crohns, but we have to treat the parasite first...so that means antibiotics for 10 days and then they have to scope him. I will post again once we discover this craziness....but, for the meantime, keep us in your thoughts and prayers, as always, we are very thankful for them!

Monday, November 10, 2008


i am sick. yuck. do mom's get sick days? ug. how much diarrea can come out of one person? i mean really? i need to eat something....hold on *BLLLBLBLAHALHKL:HA* yeah, better not eat anything. so, if i don't answer the phone, i can garuntee i am a slave to the potty. and letters, just address them to

jenn hydeman
the potty
poopy alley
hell 969696

Friday, November 7, 2008

Wanna know how water is made??? Ask T.

T : "Know how they make water??"
ME: "How WHO makes water?"
T: "You know, them...people."
ME: "Ok, sure, how do they make water?"
T: " Well, they buy ice - put it into this recycled bottle *pointing to her empty water bottle* and let it sit out. Then, in the morning...BAM, water."
ME: "Bam huh?...just like that?
T: "Just like that."
ME: "Well, how do THEY make waterfalls then."
T : *without any hesitation* "Oh, I don't know that, God takes care of the big stuff."

5 going on infinity

You have heard me talk about how insightful and wise Trinity is? She is, so much wiser beyond her years. When I was pregnant with her, I had a reading done. When I walked into the room the intuitive started to say how "SHE" (this is before we knew we were having a girl) how she was going to change the world, one person at a time. She went on to say that she was an extremely old soul, and that she was one of the brightest energies she has experienced. That she would leave a positive impact on all those that she met. I believe it, whole heartedly, that she is all of these things. We started to see it very early on.
When she was only 4 days old, we went to the store close to our house, everyone kept stopping to see her, EVERYONE...it was kinda weird at first, but then we saw the joy that she brought in everyone and we welcomed it. She has always had an interest in people. She has NEVER been shy or afraid. Through out toddlerhood, she would always bring smiles to peoples faces, she would talk to people like an adult talks to another adult and we were constantly being told how she is so comfortable and enjoyable to be around. She is really artsy and senstive, and we just love her personality. Don't get me wrong, she is HIGH energy, but, I think a lot of that stems from how bright of a light she is.
Now, into childhood, she has developed a way to read people, good and bad. She notices and discusses injustices, she tells me about the people that she thinks are not "happy" and though she attempts to make them feel "happy" again, she knows when to move on. Last night, Shannon and I were discussing the proposition regarding same sex marriages...Let me start by saying, I know a lot of people have different stances on this, we believe that love is love....and no government has the right to define that. Trinity chimes right in and says something that amazed us both. "I feel really sad for the people that can't get married. They love each other, the State (YES, she said THE STATE) has no right to take that away from them....who has the right to say who we can love and be married to???" WOWZA. It was deeper than we could have imagined.
Autism. I swear, she knows more about this than me. She understands it, knows her brother is not retarted, not slow, or even disabled. She pushes him to try his hardest, she is his best therapist, let me tell you what. She is proud when he accomplishes a task that he has been working so hard at. She stands up for him when others are mean. She is not embarassed by or even put off by his challenges, rather, laughs it off by saying in a cute voice "TRISTAN!!!! You silly bubbub."
We continue to watch her change and grow into a completely amazing person. From the time she said DADA to Shannon at 3 months, to these very deep conversations that we find ourselves having, we are excited to see what she will come up with next. She is definitely wiser than most adults I know, ok, and cuter too!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh,, I just love her....

I just get this "I wanna eat you up" feeling everytime I see this face.

I just love her. SO much. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us, for her....she is feeling SOOOO much better and is back to her old sassy self. The Lord really does challenge us in ways that we may not understand, but the end result really brings us clarity. I am thankful to have such great friends and family and such a strong support system.

T is amazing. She is smart, witty, compassionate and wiser than she will ever know. She talks SOOO much, but I love it. Whenever I find myself getting the least bit annoyed by her endless jargon, I think about my Tristan, and how he is wordless....I remember to be thankful for her voice. We are so very thankful to have her in our lives, and will forever be greatful to be her parents.