Saturday, February 6, 2010

Man....I missed a bunch of blogs!

I wanted to make sure that I have been keeping this thing updated, and when I went back...I realized that I didn't post about a BUNCH o' stuff. So, in a crazy whirlwind is your "TV GUIDE" version of the last few months of our lives, and a word you will most likely come to hate by the end of my post...enjoy.

1) My 31st Birthday...I am 31, just so you know. It happened one fine day on the 22nd of November, and here are some pictures of my party. Nothing fancy, just good times with family. Enjoy
2) Trinity's school was visited by Corey from Fox10 News, they did the weather from her school practice field...SO much fun to see the "whirlybird" up close. PICTURES COMING.

3) Went with T to her FIRST school field trip, it had to be the zoo! I love the zoo, no matter how many people try to knock the Wildlife World Zoo, I still think it's the bees knees. Enjoy.
4) Amazing Winter "Home for the Holidays" extravaganza, I had a booth there too! Real snow, Santa, Horse drawn carriage rides, smores and gingerbread making, what more could you ask for? Oh, silly faces...lots of silly faces. Here are some pictures, as always...EnJoY!
5) Decorated the Christmas tree and the outside of the house...Lylah felt the need to get in on the action, I LOVE the shot of her standing on her hind legs by T....
6) Trinity sang at her Kinder Christmas Recital...that was the cutest thing ever. Is it silly that I cried?? Oh man, niagra falls baby...niagra falls. They sang a bevvy of songs, my fav was "Polar Puppy" *imagine in unison, 80+ 5-6 year olds singing off key, all while dancing to a wonderfully simple, yet very involved puppy dance....*LOVED it. But, for the love of Pete, I can't seem to find the disk that has the pictures...No Enjoy :(

7) We sent balloons to Shy on the first birthday after her passing. It was touching to watch them float away. Trinity drew a picture and attached it to them...we miss you Shy.
8) Trinity won the "Great Stare Off", became a tattoo artist, and got some fresh ink herself. eNjOy.
9) Picture of Dakota...just cause I think he is so handsome..

10) Christmas rocked. We spent Christmas Eve at Nana and Papa's house, then Christmas Day was here with Shannon's family. Trinity wrote Santa a nice note, we left out cookies, milk and chocolate and carrots for the reindeer. At night, I jingled bells by her window, and she was so amazed and had difficulty getting to sleep....she thought for sure that they were right outside! The coolest thing, one of the neighbors had a spotlight pointing to the sky, and she looked out her window and said "Mama, Daddy, I see Santa's sleigh!!!!" Very rockin' Christmas indeed. AGAIN...WAITING ON PICTURES!

10) OOooh, we went ice skating...that was fun.
11) I was the photographer at the Verrado Christmas Brunch, Trinity sat "next to" one of what she calls "Santa's Helpers" because we all know the real Santa is much too busy to be bothered with Mall appearances and such. *do you think she is the teensiest bit squished?* e n j o y
12)Tristan decided that he didn't like one of his presents...little guy may not talk, but boy, does he know when he doesn't like something... "what the heck?"
13) We partied out on New Years by taking Trinity to get her ears pierced...she decided she was ready. It was good, she was fine until it was time to really get it done, and she started to psych herself out a bit...but, after she got them done, she was really proud, and she even convinced me to get my ears done too. We are now a part of our own private club called "Light Sapphire Sisters!" (because that is the stone we both got) *jumping up like those old Toyota commercials* PICTURES COMING...

So, right now in the Hydeman household, we are just living each day, we are loving every moment, and trying to laugh our asses off whenever humanly possible.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I never thought I'd do it jeans with holes in them. I did it, despite my very hesitation and awareness that I am paying for WEAR in my jeans. BUT, to the jeans defense, they are SO stinkin' comfortable, fit fantastic, and make my butt look F A B U L O U S :) Oh, and did I mention, they were only $5? That kinda makes the holes semi ok