Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What we do when little t naps...

Naptime is a special time for me and Trin....I am constantly striving to find a balance between our life with Autism, and our normal life...if there is such a thing...I want Trinity to think there is. I want her to know that she is just as important and cared for and loved and valued as a daughter, a person, a friend, a sister etc. I try to find special things that only she and I can do together. Today was a DAY for us...we face painted and tatooed! She was a kitty, then a ROYAL kitty! I was a puppy (totally painted by Trin) and then a Princess (again T did this) she even painted a rainbow tattoo on my arm. We had a good day together!

Something as simple as this...

Today was a heck of a day...we stayed home, but, Tristan was especially "autistic" today...into everything, sticking all sorts of things in his mouth, climbing on all things...needless to say, I was pretty much unable to leave him unattended for any given reason or for a second. That means, no shower, no clothing change, it was even hard to go potty....it's so easy just staying home huh??! Anywho..Shannon gets home, and despite the food stains on my totally worn out and dirty shirt, my hair the EXACT way it looked when I woke up at 5AM this morning, the leftover paint on my face from Trin and my "face painting excursion during brothers naptime because she was totally feeling the craziness of this day just as I was and I needed to do something amazing to make her feel needed and understood and included despite her brothers total need for my 100% attention...*breathe gasp for air...begin again* Haaaa......" regardless of all that, he says after a hug and kiss "Hi babe, you are beautiful"....something as simple as this, and my day is forever changed, wiped clean, it was a perfect and amazing day and all is well in the Hurrican Hydeman household.

MMMmmm, Free Food! + UPDATE!

Quizno's is giving away 1 million free subs, you just have to register online!!! ENJOY!!!

UPDATE....Shannon just picked up our free subs! TOTALLY easy, you don't have to show ID like the coupon says, and he was able to pick up my sub too! SO, do it...eat free!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Seriously...you think that is going to work???

I was in the store today and heard the wonderful practices of a parent in the aisle next to me...

Little Child *when I say LITTLE I mean like 2-3ish*: "WAHHHHHH"
Parent: "What are you crying about..."
Child: "WAAAAAHHHH" *obviously this child was done...you could tell they were tired...but, MAYBE he was a brat..who knows.*
Parent : *this is the part that gets me EVERY time* "If you don't stop crying I am going to spank you."
Child: *louder now because they are obviously worried about the impending beating...*"WAAAAAAAAHHHH"

*confused look on my face...* What the hell is that all about?

Hold the bus....

We are not starting biomed yet...*sigh* Tristan has been overly fussy lately (we thought is was just because we have been REALLY strict with his diet....but no...) bronchiolitis and possibly ear infections...SOOOOO off to the "regular" doctor we go....I really don't like it when they are sicky...wish us well.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The time has come...

As you may remember a few posts back, I spoke a bit about starting BioMedical Treatments and Supplementation for Tristan. For those who don't understand what this is or what it entails, a brief description is that “Biomedical” intervention involves nutritional and environmental medicine, gastro intestinal treatment, and dietary intervention. A more detailed list can be found on Jenny McCarthy's Autism website here .

As you can imagine, this is VERY costly approach but the results are proven and are amazing at best. Shannon and I have taken the steps to do what we have to for Tristan...we just have to get there. I have read countless reports of parents with children on the spectrum similiar to Tristan, that have successfully implemented a BioMed Program with thier child and FULLY recovered them...Jenny McCarthy is one of them. If you are ever interested, read her book Mother Warriors she has numerous 1st person accounts from family members of children with Autism that have defeated it in their children...How amazing is that?

The downside to this approach is 1) It is not covered by insurance AT ALL. 2) Did I mention it is not covered by insurance? 3) Things get worse before they get better...What this means is that we have to strip his body of the toxins causing the delays....this is a completely harmless process in of itself (I will do this to myself too...anything that gets done to Tristan, gets tested on me first.) BUT, what happens is regression...the things that make him autistic (ie. perseverations, stims, traits, road blocks) they all surface, kind of like when someone goes through therapy, all the old junk comes to the surface...this is going to be the hard part. Many parents tend to give up during this time frame *roughly 21-30 days* but please pray that we can stay strong during the poopy days, sleepless nights, and autistic filled weeks.

Getting to the point, if I am "absent" even more than normal...it's because we are going to be fully immersed in this process...I am so thankful for all of your support, please pray that we can have the strength to continue on this journey with Grace, Love and Support for our little one!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I love you Einstein

Since Trinity was just a little bean, she has been fascinated with all things imaginary. There were days that I would worry when she would stay "in character" and not budge from who she was pretending to be despite my many bribes and pleads for her to "Just be Trinity for a little bit". I actually called one of my friends who majored in Child Studies to find out if it was ok to let her just get so lost in her imaginary world. What I didn't think about was that she was learning and growing and doing it as her little mind was meant to. What a better way to learn about our world than to "BE" what it is that we are learning about?

As we all know, as parents we are continually tested and have to find out what works best for us and our kids. During the "pretendilema" I adopted the quote from famous genius Albert Einstein "Imagination is more important than knowledge."
We constantly strive to teach our children right, to give them all the knowledge that we have jammed in our heads so that they will be better prepared for the real world....but what about their world? That precious, innocent, sweet and very hard to find world full of imagination and splendor. The "Aw mom, just 5 more minutes" world of playing dolls and pretending to be animals. The "lets make a fort out of all the pillows, cushions and sheets that we can find" world. We have to, especially in these extremely dark and trying times, HAVE to allow that bright light shine through. I don't stress about those little insignificant things anymore, I just stare it right in the face, and offer it another cup of this delicious imaginary tea that my daughter has made...you should come over and try it sometime..or better yet, make your own!

#46 Buy New Panties - DONE!

Wow, I am sure you are all so thrilled to know this...of all my 101 goals, I completed measely #46...I feel so accomplished.

I'm Famous....well, not really

My photography site PBJ has been featured on another blog! While searching my name on Google, which, oddly enough, I do every so often...I stumbled across a new site. Lo and behold, on the left hand sidebar under a section titled "WOULD YOU TAKE MY PICTURE BECAUSE I WON'T REMEMBER" I see in bold lettering "JENN HYDEMAN"..*sniff* I don't even know this person....how exciting! So, when you get the chance, check her out, she has some AMAZING work!!! I'm Famous!

No, they are not twins

Despite their "T" names, NO my kids are NOT twins.

I get this question regularly....even though it is very evident that little t is in fact, much younger than his older counterpart Big T....First, a background on their names. Trinity was named because of our, up until that point, inability to deliver a baby...so, after much hope, faith and prayer, we named her Trinity, after the HOLY Trinity.

Tristan was named such because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "Legends of the Fall" whereas the actor Brad Pitt plays a HUNKY man named Tristan. I am sorry that there is not more to their names than that, but, after everything, we love them and are happy we have two T's. Oh, and NO, we will most likely NOT name the next kiddo a "T" name...that would be just too many T's in one household.