Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hello World, it's me, Trinity

My name is Trinity, and I am 6 years old. I like to pretend. I also like to use my shirt as a napkin. Yes, I know...I am a 6 and I use my shirt as a napkin...this drives my mom crazy. I don't deliberately try and drive her crazy, it's just, sometimes I do. She says so. Sometimes many times in a day. I know she loves me though, so, because of this, I let it slide. I want to be a vet when I grow up. Actually, I think that I will do many great and amazing things with my life when I get big. *yes, I realize that I actually don't speak this eloquently, but, my lovely mother is my ghost writer, so, you can thank her for the smooth read*

I would love to travel all around the world, particularly to California. I have family there. I love it there. It's warm, green, and I spend the whole day outside. I love to play and be silly with my cousins. I love being with my cousins. I look up to them. I hope that I can be nice, and loving like them when I get big. Right now, my favorite color is Pink. But, sometimes it changes. Yesterday, I really liked Purple, I wore a Purple shirt to school, but today, it's back to Pink.

I want a small dog. This drives my mom crazy. I know it drives her crazy, because, well...she says so. She thinks I want a small dog because I have big dogs....says something about the grass being greener...NO clue what that means. But, I want a small dog. My favorite food is anything sweet. My mom makes a really good milkshake that I could drink all day. I love milkshakes. I am going to play soccer this Spring and am REALLY excited about it. I am sure my mom will put some pretty rad action shots of me on this thing, you just wait. Well, I guess this is it for now. I have so much more to say, but, have to eat dinner. Talk to you soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Interview with a VERY special client

I love being a photographer is awesome. Everyday I get to meet new people, capture their lives on film, peek into something that maybe I would have never known and hear some pretty wonderful stories. Just before spring break, I had the chance to speak at Trinity's class for Career Week. It was so much fun. I took pictures of all the kiddos in the class, and made them into coloring pages. I sat and talked with them and they got to ask questions. It was so much fun, and to see my Trinity, how proud she was of me, it made my heart sing.

Today, I had the utmost honor to interview someone whom I have admired closely for the past 6 years or so. This person is amazing...I think that everything they do holds copious amounts of merit, and I think that anything they do will be wonderful. I hope you enjoy reading the interview as much as I did taking it.

Me: "Hi there, you ready to take some pictures?"
Them: "Yes I am!"
Me: "Well then, I suppose we should get to it huh?"
Them: "Mom, are we pretending?" *by now you have probably realized, my special person is Trinity.*
Me: "Kinda, being silly."
Trin: "Oh, I like that...ok."
Me: *while shooting* "So, what do you want to be when you grow up??" *I ask ALL of my little clients this, it's a GREAT ice breaker...unless they say something like "lawyer or bounty hunter..." then, it's cricket city...*
Trin: *she thought about it just a minute or so* "A vet...and a mommy."
Me: "Those are both really great jobs...important ones too."
Trin: "Did you always want to be a photographer mama?"
Me: "I always liked pictures, but no, I didn't think about being a photographer..."
Trin: "Maybe I will change my mind too..but right now, I know I want to be a vet for sure..first a mommy, then a vet."
Me: "Can I see your foot?"
Trin: "Sure" *puts her foot forward*
Me: *sniffing her toes* "PHEW, your feet STINK!!!"
Trin: *laughing* "MAMA!"

Me: "What's your favorite color in the whole world?" *another REALLY good question, because it's one that you can branch off of....and kids love colors*
Trin: "Purple and Pink....and Red....I like all the colors, but mostly Pink."
Me: *smiling* "Awesome, how about your favorite animal?"
Trin: "MOM, you know that....I love dogs. Especially little dogs."
Me: "I think you love little dogs because you have big dogs."
Trin: "I think so too..."
Me: "so, you wanna make some funny faces?" *again...SUPER fun to do with the this time in the shoot, they will have opened up and be really comfy cozy with you...oh, and btw this has turned into a guide to photographing children...just so you know.*
Me:"Ok bugs, I think we are about done."
Trin: "WAIT...I have to take a picture of you!" *if I REALLY trust that the little ones are careful, I usually let them do this at the end of my shoots...and my T knows this....slick little pickle.*
Me: "Ooh, mama is not dressed for photos..."
Trin: *hand on hip* "Mama, you look pretty."
Me: *awe* "Ok, just a couple babe, then we need to be done."
And this, is what she shot....why so serious??? She told me to be.
I love you my sweet, amazing, strong willed, open minded, caring, precious Trinity...may you forever be head strong, and always curious about everything in your world. I am so blessed to have you in my life. You are my favorite daughter.