Saturday, June 26, 2010

18 weeks pregnant...and feeling it (in a good way)!

18 weeks have passed since we first started this journey so I thought it was time for a REAL pregnancy update, not one talking about a stupid pump or vomit or medication! I am going to try and do these monthly, is month 4.

The baby is moving A LOT...boy do I feel it. Shannon has also felt baby move, and he was so was a great moment to share together. As a mama, here we are feeling all these amazing things, moment by moment, that at times I am sure that most dads may feel a bit left out...I think once the baby is at a gestational age that their tiny movements can be felt from outside the womb, it seems like it feels realer for the dad's when they can feel it too.

I am finally not as tired as I was in the very beginning, and let me tell you...that is an awesome thing. I am still in my regular clothes, only a few of my jeans have started to get tight..for now I refuse to let them kick me out. My solution to the tiny tightness is by ghetto rigging my jeans and using the rubber band method, works GREAT, and costs NOTHING! Total weight gained so far...about 6 lbs, feeling great overall, and loving this baby bump. I will try and post some pictures, haven't really posted any before, because...well, there wasn't anything to show yet!

Cravings...not many. I have been trying to eat as much as can be tolerated, mostly raw foods, slushies, and fruit. Just recently, red meat has been a HUGE turn off, so, holding off on that for the time being. Seafood is something that I am surprisingly able to tolerate really well..YUMM.

Being pregnant in the summer SUCKS. I wish it was about 10 degrees cooler, and that I could go swimming :( My solution to staying cool...popsicles, and lots of them. I also make fruit slushies and smoothies and that REALLY helps. I guess my favorite "snack" of sorts is frozen lemonade...soooo good.

Trinity is super excited about her new baby sister or brother. We have gone through the video of when she was born, and pictures of Tristan's birth to refresh her memory. She can't wait to hold baby, neither can I.

I will keep you updated on baby 3 as change happens. Stay tuned for more Hydeman family news!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update on my pump and pregnancy stuff

It's been a month since starting the zofran IV medication, and let me tell you...night and day people, NIGHT and DAY. Before being on the pump, I was sick Not fun. I would wake up in the middle of the night, vomitting uncontrollably, I couldn't eat or drink anything unless I wanted to see it again in 10 minutes. I lost weight, bunches of it, and I felt so sick. Baby did so good during all of this, he/she stayed strong and stuck around...boy are we happy about that. I can't express how much happier I am to be able to function semi normally (because we all know I don't really do "normal" all that well anyway ;) But now that I have raved about how well I feel, I thought I should mention the darker side *cue the scary voice*

A few Con's to the pump so far:
-Site changes SUCK. The thought of having to plunge a needle into my thigh every 2 days just makes my tummy turn.
-THE BURN! When I have really bad days, there is something called a "bolus" or "demand dose" it's basically 4 hours of medication in 12 minutes. This burns at the infusion site, you get used to it over time...but there are occasions that it hits me...OUCH.
-Forgetting about the pump...OK, this one, SUCKS. The pump comes with a handy shoulder strap, and when I sit down, I take it off and put it on the back of the chair (think purse, hanging on chair back). But there are times I forget it's attached to me, get up, and the IV comes ripping out of my leg. Not fun...let me tell you.
-Site infection. This has only happened to me a handful of times, but, it's something worth mentioning. Sometimes the spot where the infusion is will seriously irritate the muscle/skin tissue, and nice size knot remains. My nurses tell me to alternate hot and cold compresses, but I have a bump from a 12 day old site and I don't see it going away anytime soon.
-Headaches. This is one of the few side effects from the medication, so naturally, I would get it. Headaches and me go way back, and these are pretty severe.
-Dizziness. Another lovely side effect that I could do without. BUT, there is a lovely drug called "BONINE" it's for motion sickness, completely safe during pregnancy, and TOTALLY takes the dizziness away....make a note of that.
-Skin breakdown. I have ridiculously sensitive skin, hence the skin breakdown. Luckily, they sell a lovely product called "skin prep" and you wipe it on in lieu of an alchohol pad, it puts a barrier between my skin and the infusion site adhesive. I hope it helps soon, cause at this rate, I won't be wearing shorts or a swimsuit anytime soon.
-Just being attached to a device 24 hrs a day. It makes simple things seem so difficult. Such as: sex, baths, showers, playing tag with the kiddos, swimming, laying on the side with the site, working out, sleeping in general, driving....

But even with it the end of the day, feeling that amazing baby growing inside of's all worth it.

In my fake shopping bag(s) right now...

I know, I know...we have been over this. WHY do I torment myself with the thought of purchasing such lovely things, when I know that I can't and won't afford it. I think it's so freeing to click away, placing those little treasures into a virtual shopping cart and then just leaving it. I don't have the guilt, I don't suffer the blow to my pocket book, and I don't really need the stuff...ok, the diapers I need, but, not yet. For now, Fakeshopping is it., not the girl...just the girly outfits.

I am - June

thankful for my husband
happy for my awesome family
enjoying my pregnancy
still hopelessly in love with turqoise and orange, and even yellow too
absolutely addicted to fake shopping
liking this ever growing baby belly of mine
proud of my photography
wishing for cooler weather
in disbelief that Tristan is going to be 4 next month
dreaming about when I will have enough land for chickens and a fat garden
happy where we are in life. we have little, but some have none
loving my messy house
saddened by the oil spill and all the life that has and will be lost
sewing and stocking up my cloth diaper stash
still wishing on stars and hoping for miracles

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another picture to share

Another picture of baby 3.

Not sure if you can see it, but baby is kicking back, one leg up on knee and arm behind head....pretty relaxed!