Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Great Words

I love it when she uses words that are beyond her years


She comments when someone does something that is kind..."Momma, that was really nice, how thoughtful." I love this about her...that SHE herself is one of the most kind and thoughtful kids that I know.


Last night we were playing frisbee with our dog Dakota outside and Trinity coaches him "Dakota, if you wait until I call your name, then run down here to get the frisbee, then you really deserve it!" I love that she understands the meaning of this word.


A man in the grocery store bumps into me and the cart very hard, looks right at me and scoffs as if to say GET OUT OF MY WAY...Trinity, noticing the look on my face says "Mommy, that man was very rude to you wasn't he?"


Upon tasting fresh ginger...raw, "Yuck, Momma...THAT was disgusting."


She uses this word every day on several different levels...


"Momma, tell me about it...describe it to me please." And actually speaking of describing, this is now her chosen method to fall asleep...she closes her little eyes, rests her head on my shoulder and asks me to describe a story to her...basically walking her through an imagery dream..a story for her brain to feast upon. It is amazingly relaxing, an actually the basis to beginner meditation!!!

There are SOOOO many more, and because I have taken it for granted, I seem to have forgotten..a big NO NO in my book!!! I will remember, and will try NOT to take these moments as fleeting ones, they just go too fast.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


For those who don't already know, we decided long ago that we would allow our children to wean from breastfeeding at their own pace.

Trinity has been "day weaned" for sometime now. She just recently decided that she wanted to be TOTALLY weaned (within the last couple weeks or so). She has said things like "Mommy, I am ready to be done nursing so I can have a sleepover with my Emma" (her cousinn). Or, "Mommy, I am going to go to sleep in my own room tonight, with no nursies...my animals (her fish and hermit crab) want me to sleep with them tonight." SO, with that said, we went balls to the wall. She has been "tickled" to sleep. Now, don't get me wrong, she goes to sleep with out nursing, but, we are really doing it now...no nursing, even if she mentions that she wants to, because, she is REALLY ready! So, the cutest, funniest thing, now that she has been "dry" for a week or so. Tonight, when I am tickling her back, she says, "Mommy, I changed my mind", I say, "Bout what baby?" she says, "About nursing and becoming a big girl, I changed my mind" (meaning, she wanted to nurse) I say "It doesn' t really work like that sweet pea" and she says "I don't want to be big yet, maybe next week" I was laughing....and told her to snuggle with me while I tickle her back. She feel asleep. The greatest part of all of this for me is that she did this all on her own, no tears.

I am sure some people think we are insane. Some may even say "ABOUT TIME", we think it is the perfect timing, HER timing...and, well, I don't care what anyone else thinks....if I did, then I wouldn't be her parent, they would. I am proud of my baby...I mean, little girl!!!!


Tristan is officially crawling! He still likes to low crawl, but he is doing the "all fours" so much more now! YEAH TRISTAN! It seems that after our little meeting with the Early Intervention Moderator, it seems he has decided to "show us". Here is a little list of things he is doing that he was NOT doing when they saw us last.
-Pulling up to a stand
-Banging toys together
-Raising both arms up to be picked up
-Standing and leaning down to pick up a toy
OK...I think he is just playing a little game of, "don't try and make me do anything until I am ready!"

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Doctors are like Barbers

My dad made a good point....Doctors are like Barbers...their jobs rely on the concept of a "need". If that need is not present, then their jobs are not justified. Barbers will tell people that they need a haircut, even if you don't, just as Doctors will find something wrong even if their isn't. In my experience as a mom, I find this to be VERY true.

This is all coming about because of our meeting with the EI yesterday. She said that Tristan does have a noticable delay in Gross Motor Functions...about 50%, but I wonder, how could they notice this in just one 2 hour visit? She seemed concerned enough to refer us to a PT. But, Tristan is functioning at a level that seems to be to par with other babies his age.

I worry too much. I need to stop doing that. I am just going to enjoy him. We don't need any haircuts over here, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

101 Things you may not know about me, Jenn

1)-I am very hard on myself
2)-I love lemons
3)-I love Doritos
4)-I love lemons AND Doritos...TOGETHER
5)-The Beatles are one of my favorite bands in history
6)-I love Bob Marley
7)-I love breastfeeding
8)-The smell of my husbands armpits turn me on
9)-I miss Bob Ross
10)-I like "Happy Little Trees"
11)-I think that everyone, even grouchy people, are generally good
12)-I am naive about peoples intentions
13)-I love the earth, but I fear about it's future
14)-I am very spiritual
15)-I worry too much
16)-I love my hair...even when it is wrapped around a little babies finger and being pulled from my skull
17)-I don't mind when my kid(s) wake up in the middle of night...I think it is our chance to reconnect
18)-I think that animals really do talk when we are not around
19)-I name inadimate objects...like cars, houses, toys...they get names
20)-I am a hippie
21)-I appreciate organization
22)-I color coordinate my closet
24)-Going from left to right
25)-I am not anal retentive..quit saying that...I just LOVE seeing a rainbow everytime I open my closet..geesh
26)-I can be defensive at times
27)-I know the weirdest things..random stuff...I get it from my dad
28)-I have asthma
29)-I don't have noise hairs
30)-You don't want to know why
31)-I once ate 45 fresh jalepenos in a jalepeno eating contest and beat out a fat, mexican guy to win!
32)-NO, that's NOT how I lost my nose hairs
33)-I overuse the period...but I love it...it gives me more time to talk...without capitalization
34)-I like lower case letters better than big ones...I think the big ones are too loud
35)-When I sign my name, it is in all lower case
36)-I am silly
37)-I love sex...with MY husband of course!
38)-I get lost when I look at my children
39)-I love Hawaii
40)-One day we will live there
41)-I like kitchen gadgets
42)-I am addicted to Reality TV
43)-I love Madonna
44)-Heroes ROCKS
45)-I am a great cook
46)-I love being around deep thinkers
47)-I think smarts is sexy
48)-I love laughing
49)-I love to decorate
50)-Family ALWAYS comes first
51)-I love the smell of white towels when they come fresh from the dryer...just the whites ones
52)-Painting is therapuetic
53)-Photography excites me
54)-NO not the risky kind
55)-Ok, maybe a little...but I am talking about taking pictures of people and documenting their lives
56)-I let my pets kiss me on the mouth
57)-I like the smell of wet dog
58)-Just, not on my couch
59)-I meditate
60)-I have had an out of body experience
61)-I HATE cigarettes
62)-I gab
63)-Sometimes, more than I should
64)-I am a homebody
65)-I love food
66)-I can wiggle my ears
67)-I like getting a really good deal, it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment
68)-I hate to backtrack
69)-I don't like wasting time, I use each moment to it's fullest
70)-I let Trinity ride her bike in the house
71)-I am proud of the parenting choices we have made
72)-I like the smell of cut wood
73)-I love Home Improvement stores
74)-I want to live on a farm
75)-I am a night owl
76)-But, I am getting used to getting up early
77)-I LOVE the smell of lavender
78)-The color pink always reminds me of Trinity
79)-I love vintage cars
80)-I can hotwire a car
81)-My eyes change color based on my mood and the time of day
82)-I sucked my finger until I was in Middle School
83)-I believe in happy endings
84)-I am a "hope-full" romantic
85)-Brown eyes are prettier to me than colored ones
86)-I wear jeans in the summer
87)-I wear flip flops all year round
88)-I only cut my hair once every few years...and even then, it's a trim
89)-I have a phobia of getting my haircut
90)-I hate popcorn - if I eat it, it is only a "hand/mouth" response to watching a movie and because my inlaws bought the stuff!
91)-I cry often...not always because I am sad, but to cleanse my soul...or maybe I had something in my eye, either way, I am a cry baby
92)-I can hear a song once and play the melody on a musical instrument
93)-I can play 10 instruments
94)-NO, not all at once
95)-I love to BLOG
96)-I think my husband is sexy, and I am still head over heels in love with him
97)-I don't always shower everyday-but I smell minty fresh
98)-I have a fear of large things (BOATS, PLANES, vast bodies of water)
99)-I am trilingual
100)-I have good friends
101)-I am happy with who I am

Monday, June 4, 2007

Trinity Pursuit

Trinity discovered my Trivial Pursuit game that Shannon bought for me for Christmas...she immediately wanted to play it. So, we made a "Trinity friendly" version of the game. Instead of asking the trivia questions, we have her role the dice for the color, we ask a question like "What is your phone number" "What city do you live in" "What letter does the word "DOG" begin with" ETC. anywho, she has memorized her phone number, knows her city/state/subdivision where she lives, knows all our first middle and last names (including nana and papa's) and is learning more and more. It is a super fun way to play an otherwise tricky little game!

Tristan, you are perfect

My son, he is the cutest thing ever. His PED seems to thing that he is showing signs of Delay, mostly in the Gross Motor department...but keep in mind, he is VERY large for his age, so yeah..he can't pick up his body and stand by himself..he weighs 28lbs for crying out loud! He has been given various tests, Early Intervention has been over a few times to evaluate him..now they want to come back again. I don't think that there is anything wrong, he is just slower than some in certain things, whereas he is advanced in others. A part of me feels that maybe there is...but, I feel confused because the Docs tell you "don't compare your child to other children" then they use this comparison to evaluate them...why the double standard?

I love him. I think he is perfect, it just is so hard for me when others, namely, his PED. want him to get all these tests done...and I don't think they are necessary. We came to the conclusion that no matter what any test shows, we will love him...we do love him...so, why does it matter? I suppose early prevention is best, but really, what can I do that I am not already doing? I was a speech therapist for autistic children...you think I couldn't recognize ASD in my own child? I know how to evaluate for these things better than them! It's just a little frustrating...it's like they are saying something is wrong with him. SO, I guess, keep us in your thoughts, and we will keep you posted! Take care :)

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Swimming, Swimming!

Trinity did it! She swam ALL BY HERSELF for the first time...without floaties or some sort of device...including someone holding her. We were so proud. We were at Shannon's parents house and they were in the pool (Trin and Shan) he was sitting right on the step with her, and she didn't have her floaties on yet, he turned for just a SECOND, and she drifted into the pool, he turned around and there she was, treading water! This re-emphasized to us the importance of watching your kids around water...he was RIGHT NEXT TO HER! After grabbing her and holding her tight, asking her if she was ok...he says to her "TRIN, YOU SWAM!" With a big ole' grin on her face she says "I DID?!" Then, it was swimming lessons in the pool for an hour or so. She was so determined, kept going to the steps, swim to daddy, swim to the side of the pool, walk the wall back to the steps. She loved it. I am so happy today, my little girl is really growing up!

Friday, June 1, 2007

My Dad

I love him. He is so caring, strong, sweet, passionate about things important to him, he loves my mother so much, he is smart, he adores my babies, he loves me.

Growing up I remember him being the dad that the kids were afraid of. I really hate typing that...but, it is true. I remember Jackie saying to me "I am scared of your Dad", and the sad thing, so was I. He was the quiet dad that only really talked out loud when you did something wrong. He was the Dad that constantly disciplined, to a fault. I was a good kid, but never felt like it. There was yelling...some hitting, but, that is not who he is now...neither his life nor mine, is not framed by what we were given . He is an entirely different person now. I love that he has completely transformed into an amazing man. I mean, I have always looked up to him...but, now I respect him too..does that make sense? I guess I should go back to the beginning.

They (my dad and his siblings) did not get much in the department of love when they were younger. Just a few of the stories he has told me have made me come home and hug my kiddos just a little harder..and cry quietly while I think that a child had to go through something so horrible. For respect of his family, I will not repeat them here, let's just say, I can understand why the Menendez Brother's did what they did. So, with that in mind, it is understandable that he did not show a lot of affection when we were kids.

They say that you find out how your family really is when you have a family of your own, I GET it now. I see how hard life must have been for him as a child, and I understand why he treated us certain ways. I made ammends with him LONG ago. I remember at my wedding day, we were taking our Father - Daughter dance and he started crying. This was the 2nd time I had ever seen him cry. He says to me, "Youre a good girl Jenny." I *now crying myself* say to him, "Youre a good Daddy" then he replies, "No, not always." That was it..an apology for how things went. He took accountability for how he treated me as a child. I never again thought about how I wish things would have been different growing up, all I could wish for was a happy future. This brings us to now.

Today we went to my parents house as we normally do at least once a week. Trinity REALLY looks forward to these visits, so do I. We did the typical routine, eat, Trin goes on the buggy with Nana, swims in the jacuzzi, but today...today was a little different. My dad sat with her on the couch, and they watched cartoons together. She crawled up, pretty much onto his lap, and he swung his big arm out for her to snuggle in. There they were, all melted together, not a care in the world...just being Papa and Trinity. It was really touching. Something so simple, so "normal" was just an amazing thing to see. He is an awesome Papa...so THIS, this is what I will always remember about my Dad, the BEST Dad a girl could ask for. He loves my babies, and for that, he is the most improved Dad ever. Today was a really good day.