Wednesday, September 26, 2007


SOOO, Tristan is taking steps....albeit a bit wobbly, and not for very long..but, you gotta give a kid some credit LOL! He gets so excited when he takes those few steps too, he wants to do it so badly, he starts to do this jumpy thing, then SPLAT, he falls...luckily, he is a toughy, so, right back up again. Watch out for updates, I am sure they will read "WE ARE WALKING" anyday now!!!!

Everybody was a NINJA fighting!

So, everyone knows, Shannon is a BIG kid...I swear, it is like I am a mom of 3 "Now, you 2 (me talking to Trinity and SHANNON) calm down, its getting late and you need to go to bed soon" EVERY NIGHT LOL. They are the terrible twosome, always have their hands in something naughty *not like, WEIRD naughty, get it* They are in it...This weekend Shannon broke out some of the Halloween dress ups, and they just went at it...Tristan even got in the action, though, I think he was just worried about Daddy when he was pretending to be knocked out! I love my house, it's crazy, but SO MUCH FUN!

Cloth Diapering...Still...and LOVING IT!

Cloth diapering is going great...I AM ADDICTED..who am I trying to fool..I can't get enough of it, it is defenitely something that I was born to do...I am such a hippy. He is really looking so cute in them, and I am really liking that he has NO rashes, and, NO leaks, and I am not adding to that landfill...I know, I am hitting you all over the head with it, but is an amazing feeling. It has urged us to change other things in our lives too. We are only using Environmentally friendly products / Recyclable in the house, (not like we weren't before, but now, we are going out of way to make sure of it). We are also looking into getting solar panels for the house. I can't wait to see what they cost $$$ But, the payoff is huge. For now, we are going to just stick to covering his bum with cloth though, and I URGE anyone thinking of doing it...DO IT!

August / September Updates

Man oh, they really do just grow up before your eyes! LITERALLY. Trinity has outgrown pretty much all of her clothes...WHY!!!!! She is going to be taller than me I think. I was putting pjs on her last, wait SHE, was doing "BY MYSELF MAMA", SHE was putting her pjs on last night, and they were so freaking short, and tight..I kept telling her "Baby, those don't really seem to be fitting all that well..." she cuts me off "No mama, this is how they are made..see" *shows me the flood style leg and the belly hanging out..."Right, that is my point exactly..." She still went to bed in them. I mean, I am not going to win that one...she was determined, and I was apparently wrong :) They are supposed to be that way, RIGHT!

Anywho...she has been SO stubborn lately, not really to a fault, just enough to still remain sweet and cute..lucky girl..lucky us! She said to me, when I asked her to go play upstairs for a bit because i needed to mop "But mama, I don't want to" Again, I ask her...she says NO...this time I tell her, "Honey, mama is telling you now, so I need you to listen, please go upstairs"...she says, with a sad look on her face "Mama, I just love you so much that I HAVE to be beside you all the, sorry mama, but no, I am not going upstairs." AHHHHH, who can mop when your little one says something like, needless to say, the crumbs are still on the floor LOL.

Tristan..OMG...he has been amazing us left and right! He LOVES his EI Therapist...I like her too...she is pretty amazing. She is working on walking with him, alot, and he really has taken to her. She uses a TON of play therapy, which is good, cause my kids LOVE to play. SO, UPDATE....he is taking steps!!! YAHOO! (not the email provider, but the saying YAHOO!) he is almost there. We are working on loosening up his upper body too, which we all have noticed a change. Next, he is working on strengthening his trunk to help with his balance. Here he is taking steps today...he is really growing up! Still nursing, like a champ, but we all know how I feel about that :)

What else.....Trinity is having Homeschool everyday, she LOVES it. I approach it in a way that it is not TOO terribly structured, afterall, we have the rest of our "grown up" lives for that right? We play a lot, sing, do tons of arts and crafts....she is the one who bumped it up to 5 days a week, so, following her lead here, we are schooling everyday! We have opened up one of the days for one her friends Tatum to join, Trinity really enjoys that. She is spelling and reading more now, some of her favorite words are : CANDY *really*, GOODY, CLOWN, MOM, DAD, TRINITY, TRISTAN, CAT, DOG, BOO, BOO BOO, EMILY, NANA, PAPA...she is working on a ton more, but these are her favorite so far.
We are excited about Trinity's 4th birthday, I just LOVE parties!!!! I will be blogging about that too I suppose.,, until then, keep smiling :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Kids

They are growing up so has been forever since I last updated...not sure where to start.

Tristan, my gentle giant! He grew another inch and 1/2 this past month, and has graduated into 3T! HE IS HUGE! He is forward facing in his carseat now, (he is 30lbs) and he really loves it. It took a few days to get used to falling asleep in the forward position, but now he has it down to a science. He found a new word, "Nee-Nee" we finally figured out it stands for "Trinity". I can't tell you how excited she is that he is saying "her" name! He is signing "more", "all done", "eat" and "juice". Tristan has been receiving day therapy from an Early Interventionist for 3 weeks now and we are really excited about the fun stuff that she has planned. We are going to be working on his Gross Motor skills, his tone issues in his upper and lower body and Cognitive and Behavioral therapies too (coloring, obstacles, stacking, playing ball, peg boards etc.) He has started standing on his own, bending down and standing again...and he took his first steps last week! He walked about 3 steps to his big was amazing to watch. You never get sick of that "firsts" with is still so exciting to me, even with my 2nd child.

Trinity is doing GREAT at school! She is learning all the spanish words for the body, she knows eyes, mouth, head, nose, ears. We are having school everyday at home, and she LOVES it. She is counting, putting numbers in order, and even started simple addition. We are very pleased with her literacy skills too. She has been writing her name, Daddy, Mommy, Tristan, Nana, Papa, Dog, Cat, Optimus, Hot Rod, Rodimus, and is recognizing words that she sees. She loves to learn, we are so pleased, and so is she.

What else...just living I guess, enjoying every moment, trying to remember that it really does go by fast....